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Is sickness a visitation from the Lord?


Is sickness always a visitation from the Lord? Yes and no! It all depends on who you need to visit, and most importantly - what is the cause of the disease. From ancient sources it is known that there are three types of diseases: sacred, karmic and admitted. As a rule, the Lord visits those whose illness is classified as sacred. But this does not always happen - the rule has its exceptions. Karmic illnesses, on the other hand, involve the repayment of debts by fifty-one percent in order to have the right to the Protection of the Higher Forces, as a result of which a person can count on a visit from the Lord. Well, if the disease was admitted as a result of the pernicious deeds of a person prone to alcoholism, indulging his baser instincts and leading a life being in slavery to his pernicious habits, did he not deprive himself of the right to visit the Lord? ..

How many of them were revealed - seekers of eternal life, compilers of the elixir of immortality, inventors of new devices, medicines and vaccines, which many scientists tested on themselves, enriching science at the cost of their own lives! The search was conducted by healers of ancient times, alchemists of the Middle Ages and, finally, scientists of the last century, advancing the stages of Evolution, which ultimately led to a decrease in diseases and an increase in the duration of human life. So, a serious step from elementary bloodletting towards blood transfusion was made by our compatriot Alexander Bogdanov, who, back in the twenties of the twentieth century, had the goal of uniting all sciences together and tried to invent his own discipline - “tectology”. Wanting to achieve eternal youth, he began experiments with blood, he even managed to convince Joseph Stalin to create the Institute of Blood Transfusion. Bogdanov himself underwent 11 transfusions, after which his eyesight improved, baldness stopped, that is, we can say that there were signs of rejuvenation, but after he poured the blood of his student with malaria and tuberculosis into himself, the scientist died. And who does not know Marie Curie, the only woman - the owner of two Nobel Prizes, who coined the term radiology and became famous for her experiments in this field! She died of leukemia, and here the question arises: could not she be honored to visit the Lord?! And should not God have bypassed the deathbed of the chemical engineer Thomas Midgley, Jr., the consequences of whose inventions the world will decide before the end of our century. His deadly inventions - chemical anti-knock agents, in particular tetraethyl lead, contributed to the poisoning of three generations of children, increased the risk of skin cancer, etc. And did he suffer karmic retribution when he fell ill with polio and died at the age of 55, entangled in the ropes of his own devices, being suffocated by a system of blocks and ropes that he invented so that they could lift him out of bed, but they not only chained him, but also killed him ...

A great variety of devices, both for life extension and for its reduction, have been invented by mankind, and all of them have been actively used for many centuries. The Higher Powers have repeatedly given schemes of devices, which, unfortunately, have remained in the Repository of the unused possibilities of mankind. Is it like a cemetery, or with the expiration of time, one of our contemporaries was able to bring into the light of God something from what was not materialized in their time? Yes, of course, a particularly inquisitive scientific mind is most often able to break through the veil of the Mystery. And a lot is placed on the Altar of Science, and scientists gain world fame, but some are only awarded the stigma of a pseudoscientist. How many persecutions endured Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Andrei Sakharov, the father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb, who, paradoxically as it may sound, was the most ardent fighter against nuclear weapons... Everything in this world is ambiguous... Blessed memory of Academician Anatoly Akimov, who invented the torsion generator and dedicated his life deeper penetration into the secrets of torsion fields. And here it should be mentioned that, thanks to his acquaintance with my books, I was invited by him to work at his International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics, where I worked for several years in collaboration with scientists from different countries. In particular, many years ago, A. Akimov introduced me to the Deputy Minister of Health of South Korea, where later research was carried out on the basis of oncological hospitals. By the way, when he asked A. Akimov if he measured my energy with his devices, he replied: “There are no devices yet to measure the energy of Zinovia Vasilievna, not only on Earth, but even in the solar system ...” At one of the meetings with readers in Kiev I spoke about the fact that some frescoes in the Sophia Cathedral give impulses at certain times. And subsequently, the scientists who worked on the territory of the temple said that they bought, as far as I remember, Dutch sensors and made energy measurements, which confirmed the manifestation of high-frequency impulses emanating from the frescoes, as well as from the sarcophagus at the designated time. So, with the team of A. Akimov, we visited Kyiv, got acquainted with these scientists, and new experiments were planned. Thanks to the instruments available to A. Akimov, measurements were made in many temples, churches, monasteries, and where they were not prayed, the indicators were rather low or practically absent. And this applies not only to Christian, but also to Buddhist temples. And where the prayerful spirit was high and pure, there the energy indicators were quite high. I also tried to promote the establishment of cooperation with Indian physicists, for example, my friend Dr. Variam Singh highly appreciated the works of the theoretical physicist Gennady Shipov, whose scientific research I introduced him to. Of course, for the Eastern consciousness, based on ancient treatises, the developments of our "pseudo-scientists" are deeply understood, since they are consonant with Vedic philosophy. Of course, not being a physicist, I, as a philosopher, cannot judge how right official science is in terms of recognizing or not recognizing these scientists. But every seeker of Truth, at least in the 21st century, has the right to respect, and if he can no longer be burned like Giordano Bruno or condemned like Galileo Galilei, then at least not be morally persecuted ... Does a true scientist, who is not alien to the ideas of humanism, have time to break away from your urgent research and spend it on stigmatizing your own brother, who, as best he can, makes his way through thorns to the stars?! Here, only Time itself - both as a physical and as a philosophical concept - will judge everyone ... And as the Great Teacher Jesus Christ said: “By their fruits, you will know them!”

I cannot ignore one of the associates of Academician A. Akimov, Academician Petr Garyaev, who throughout his scientific career was persecuted by the official structures of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He left just a few days ago... Blessed memory of this searching spirit! And although I was not closely acquainted with him, I know that P. Garyaev was a staunch supporter of the wave (quantum) structure both on the plane of the microworld and the macrostructure as a DNA molecule. Both theoretical and practical experiments were related to proving the existence of information communication channels in the genome, as well as the possibility of exchanging genetic information between biological objects. The works of P. Garyaev are very multifaceted, since he was a man of broad views. The result of which can be considered a high assessment of the monograph "The Quantum Genome in Concepts of the Theory of Physical Vacuum", written by P. Garyaev together with G. Shipov - this book in 2019 was highly appreciated by the Nobel Prize in Medicine Laureate Luc Montenier. And on October 27, 2020, Pyotr Garyaev informed his relatives that he had been nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2021. I hope this news brought joy and instilled good hope in his heart ...

Heart! It is Alpha and Omega - the beginning and end of all things - the First and the Last. Again, Alpha and Omega in the book of Revelation of John the Theologian is God ... And man is “tailored” in the Image and Likeness of God. And each of us has drawn our own path, which has a beginning and an end... And here, no matter how good or bad the beginning may be, the end of human life is still the most important. Will the Lord visit and, taking by the hand, raise him from his deathbed, like the resurrected Lazarus, and send him to continue his earthly path, or will he lead along the paths of Eternity to other planets, where more grateful beings will meet the soul, and the soul will continue its work on the new soils of the Cosmic while not forgetting to pray for ungrateful humanity. And again, he will find the one through whose heart he can pass his highest vibrations and give impetus to new scientific searches ... Who knows?!

October 27… This day is especially significant for me… October 27, 2020 marks 28 years since the recordings began and the first appearance of the “Parable of the Heavenly Warrior”, who came from life to life to help people; but they brutally tortured him, killed him, and, returning to Heaven, he looked at the Earth with one thought: "Come and conquer with Love." And then I realized that this would be the motto of my life, as it was the motto of many of those who came into this world before me and, perhaps, still live in some part of the world, persecuted, killed morally and physically... to such a person magnificent memorial words, exquisite tombstones? For me personally, a handful of ashes under a simple cross with the inscription “Tormented” would be enough ... I died several times, and when the Mentor of my heart took me by the hand and led me into the depths of heaven, I looked back and saw images of those few people who pressed me to his chest "Teaching of the Heart." And then a silent cry broke out from me: “Lord, return me to them, they will remain orphans! ..” And He returned me to everyone, even to those who organized a trial for me and a public burning of books that were given through me to everyone suffering souls; and I again approached with gifts of the heart to those who had betrayed me more than once. My hope to see someone who, like Paul, stoned the righteous, but, having believed in Christ, became His faithful Apostle, who brought into the world the Word of Love, commanded by the Lord Who visited him, is indestructible!.. But the hope that dies last, I hope, will not die along with me, never meeting the newly converted Paul.

My Soul Hurts! And this pain cannot be compared with any physical pain - everyone who has experienced it knows about it. And the only One Who can Help in healing the soul of the suffering is the Lord, who Visits on the very edge of death! He Hears the silent groan of a wounded heart and Comes to those from whose tightly closed lips a plaintive groan does not escape... Thousands of souls come to Earth from other worlds to help the sick planet, and it is riddled with many deadly diseases. The flesh of the Earth is affected by diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and even venereal diseases, which have both visible and invisible low-frequency formula in the form of energy vibrations. And many inhabitants of other planets take on this heavy burden: to take the disease into their flesh and melt it on their inner fire in order to help change the formula at the cellular level. Many of them die when they reach the “point of no return”, and, of course, by their own will, they can both return to their world and continue the cycle of earthly incarnations, taking on other illnesses. And in the Supermundane Scientific Laboratories, gigantic layers of knowledge are accumulated, obtained in a similar empirical way, which occur in the bowels of humanity, which is sometimes presented in the “image” of purgatory or the abysses of hell ... Here I remember how more than forty years ago in the maternity hospital, while being pregnant, I saw a woman lying in a thin nightgown on a bare stretcher on a bare cement floor. She was diagnosed with syphilis, which her beloved husband endowed, and she had to be transported to give birth to a veterinary dispensary ... She began to have contractions, but she was bypassed like a leper ... I was shocked by her inexpressible mental pain, which was seen in her eyes, and I approached to her… Or maybe, through me, an invisible Angel, the messenger of the Lord, approached her in order to give her the strength to reproduce another person into the world with simple human participation… I believe that the Lord will always come to this mother woman, since her illness, although cannot be categorized as sacred, yet she accepted it as a test, albeit an extremely undeserved one. As for the husband, he, by his own will, allowed the disease and thus aggravated his karma, which the lustful male must exhaust himself, but in no case not the Lord, who honors chaste relationships in marriage above all else! .. Again, many years later, in during my stay in the oncology hospital, I made a discovery for myself that very kind people lie around me, and even my 84-year-old grandmother, who was operated on two days before me, helped me all night, trying to give my body a more comfortable position, while saying that if I somehow bend my legs, it will immediately become easier for me ... She sat in front of me on the bed and prayed ... And at night I saw her as just a white angel ... Perhaps this strange, unfamiliar grandmother was able to stand next to the Lord and perform another resurrection my flesh… Just two people who followed me to another building for irradiation showed rudeness towards me, but then they, seeing how I help everyone, gave me flowers and seeds… Many for some reason they thought that I was a doctor, and they brought me their tests. Regardless of the results, I told them that they were very lucky that they had the kind of cells that could heal quickly. And there already, depending on the degree of faith, the body itself could start the mechanism of self-regulation. Yes, a cordial attitude can work wonders, but again, only with those who are able to show cordiality in return.

So, perhaps like many of you, the question again arises in me: “Is sickness a visitation of the Lord?” Haven't I led a righteous life for many years? But did Seraphim of Sarov, who was seriously ill from childhood and later also, deserve all these inhuman pains? And even when the robbers beat him severely and left him, thinking that they had killed him, did he interrupt his path of serving people?! Of course, one can cite hundreds of examples from the martyr's life of the saints. But trying to understand the nature of all diseases, one should remember one thing: one should always take care of the heart - for only the Lord can come there, because, unlike other organs, it is woven from a higher-frequency matter, its energies have not been studied and are a great mystery for Science today, which needs to be addressed immediately. And then everyone who has been shackled by illness can honestly admit to himself what kind of illness he has: whether it is sacred, received as a result of Fiery or general planetary experience; karmic, as an unpaid debt, stretching from past lives, as well as received as a result of unrighteous actions; or allowed by his own addictions and ugly attitude to his body, as well as to his soul, and find the answer for himself personally: is his illness a visitation of the Lord?!

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