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Biography of Z. V. Dushkova

Zinoviya Dushkova

Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova was born on July 19, 1953 in the village of Kongaz, Comrat District, Moldavian SSR. Her father, Vasily Ivanovich Dushkov (1925–1957), held a senior position at the Rossiya state farm in Moldova. Mother - Dushkova Antonina Ivanovna (1927-1980) - was a land surveyor, a participant in many geological expeditions. The girl was named after her grandmother, Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova (1887–1964), whose ancestral roots went to Greece. Grandmother's brother - Arnautov Vasily Vasilyevich (1892-1966) - was a biologist, breeder-scientist and colleague of N. I. Vavilov, brought a new variety of potatoes - "Arnaut"; in 1943 he was awarded the Stalin Prize of the first degree for achievements in the field of science.

After the death of her father in 1957, the three-year-old Zinovia was raised by her grandmother, who was a man of deep faith, extraordinary wisdom and kindness. She knew many poems and prayers both in her Gagauz language and in Russian, Greek and Latin, which she taught her granddaughter. Being Orthodox by birth and upbringing, Zinovia studied the history of the ascetics of Christianity and the lives of the saints from early childhood. It was from her grandmother that she inherited not only a beautiful ancient Greek name meaning "Wisdom", but also an extraordinary love for the world around her, for life, which, despite her childhood loneliness, only grew, helping to overcome all the obstacles that appeared on her life path. To help all those in need to bring as much love and beauty into this life as possible - this desire does not leave Zinovia for all subsequent years.

In 1964, after the death of her grandmother, her mother took the 11-year-old Zinovia to her parents in Chuvashia and left her in their care. A poor and difficult life began in the village among unfamiliar people, including the study of a new language spoken by her peers. Not finding the necessary measure of love and support in anyone, the girl plunges headlong into books. And two of them become her constant advisers and most reliable friends. The first - "In the world of wise thoughts" - a collection of aphorisms and sayings of famous people, from antiquity to the figures of the 20th century. The second - "The Book of the Young Commander" - is about great commanders such as Suvorov or von Clausewitz. These books gave little Zinovia advice, showing how to act, how to relate to life and win, no matter what. In 1970, after graduating from high school in the village of Bolshe-Yannikovo, Urmarsky district of Chuvashia, she returned to her beloved Moldova. But already in the next 1971, Zinovia moved to Odessa, and then, in 1972, to the Far East: first to the port city of Nakhodka, then to the city of Vladivostok.

The most important factor in the formation of Zinovia Dushkova as a person was her great interest in the history of religions and philosophy, which turned her to the wisdom of great thinkers. In 1986, she entered the Faculty of History of the Far Eastern State University in Vladivostok. For a long time, Zinovia Vasilievna deeply studied Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Along with world religions, she also began to be interested in philosophical teachings - the works of Helena Blavatsky and Helena Roerich. Studying a lot, researching and thinking, she was convinced that the basis of any religion is one: Love and only Love. Each teaching preaches non-violence, kindness, the search for truth and harmony. Everything else is nothing more than a tribute to the traditions of this or that people, nothing more than a verbal frame of the Truth. Then she not only understood, but realized that God is indeed One and that any religion is Divine, since it leads to the One and the Almighty.

After defending "excellent" her thesis on the topic "National Peculiarities of the Psychology of the Japanese" in 1992, Zinovia Vasilievna received a diploma with the qualification: history, teacher of history and social science. Further, during 1992–1993, she worked in her specialty at a school with a legal specialization in Vladivostok. In the same period of time, Zinovia Vasilievna decided to devote herself entirely to the Service of the Hierarchy of Light. And after three years of preliminary preparation from 1989 to 1992, which was carried out by the Brotherhood’s Employees, who opened access to the sacred Book of Lives, which is stored in Shambhala, completed the necessary stage of deciphering the symbols, some of which were reflected by her in archival diary entries, in a way similar to the quatrains of Nostradamus. Further, it was necessary to rise higher by the Light-bearing steps, advancing along the chosen Path of Service to the Fiery Hierarchy. So, on October 27, 1992, after three days of sensitive listening to the voice of her own heart and the Word from Above, as well as tense waiting with a blank sheet of paper and a pen that lay at the head of the bed, Dushkova wrote down the first phrase, which seemed very unusual and surprisingly beautiful: “ The Teacher talked with Fire for a long time…” Then the second line was born: “And Fire told him the Parable of the Heavenly Warrior”; thus, the page depicted the Parable of how the White Warrior came to Earth, but people constantly tortured, tormented and brutally killed him. Nevertheless, when the soul of the Warrior left this perishable world, he looked from Heaven to Earth with only one thought: “Come and conquer with Love!” - the idea that became the motto of the later life of Zinovia Dushkova. It was a work affirming Life and Love, opening her first literary and artistic work - a book "Awakening the Source".

As the teachings of the East testify: when the student is ready, the Teacher comes to him, — so in 1992 Z. V. Dushkova was visited by her Supreme Mentor, who said that she was given to continue the mission of H. P. Blavatsky and H. I. Roerich. This was followed by three years of ordeal, study and preparation before the first trip to India. So, following the ancient wisdom “man, know yourself, and you will know the whole world”, and also By changing ourselves, we change thousands of others”, she continued her own Path in search of the Truth, which consists in knowing her inner world and working on herself, which formed the basis of the book "Edges of the World". In it, the author entrusts readers with the keys to his heart, inviting them to walk together along the difficult and at the same time joyful road of self-knowledge and inner transformation. And the experience of teaching at school allowed Zinovia Vasilievna to write Lessons of Love, Mercy, Knowledge, Wisdom and others, which were included in the book "77 Pearls shining on the beads of Time". Teachers in many schools take this work as a basis for conducting extracurricular reading lessons. During the same period, during 1994-1998, she worked as a social welfare inspector for the Association of Law Enforcement Workers.

In 1995, in response to the Call, Zinovia Vasilievna went on her first trip to India, the cradle of Love and Wisdom, the birthplace of many great teachings and great saints. She immediately went to the city of Darjeeling. And there, in the Buddhist monastery of Gkhum, at the foot of the sacred Himalayas, where in 1882 Elena Blavatsky and in 1923 Elena Roerich met Teacher M., a new stage of Zinovia Dushkova's Path began.

Mysterious paths leading deep into the Himalayas, Karakoram, Nilgiri, towards Kanchenjunga, Kailas, Everest and other peaks, led to those secret Abodes of Light, from where the Call sounded. Like a hermit monk, Zinovia Vasilievna comprehended the innermost pages of Life from those archaic manuscripts that were preserved in the most hidden corners of Sikkim, Ladakh and other unexplored places in India. Thus, access was obtained to the secret "Book of Dzyan", the Stanzas of which were first published by H. P. Blavatsky and form the basis of the "Secret Doctrine". A new fragment from this archaic manuscript was later published by Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova in the book "Stations of Love".

At the same time, Zinovia Vasilievna went to the Kulu valley, to the Roerich estate, where in the office of Helena Ivanovna Roerich began to write a book "Brotherhood. Aboveground Abode», which is a link between the Teaching of Living Ethics and further written books "Teaching of the Heart". And then within three years, until the end of 1998, other trips to Egypt, Israel and Japan followed, but the main part was in Russia, as a result of which they were recorded, including the book "Brotherhood. Aboveground Abode», 14 books"Teaching of the Heart". This series of books is one of the main Works that caused a whole wave of social movement in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, aimed at the development of culture, science, education and support for everything that contributes to the progress and prosperity of society. Multi-volume "Teaching of the Heart" became a good helper to all people who walk through life by the path of the heart - the path of the spirit.

In 1999, Zinovia Vasilievna moved to Moscow, where she continued to work on writing, as well as publishing her new books: "Star of Sulamith", "Holy Katriosophy", "Treatise on Cosmic Love", "Fiery Bible", "Secret Doctrine of Love" and others. Traveling around different countries and visiting holy and hard-to-reach places on our planet, overcoming the most dangerous paths through mountains and deserts, have become an integral part of her life. However, following in the footsteps of the Great Prophets of mankind and touching the relics of the distant past of the Earth is not just curiosity. It was only necessary to embrace the immensity, containing in your heart the treasures of human thought and creativity, in order to repeat again to people: Love! Only a human heart burning with love for the world can transform life, make it happier, purer and brighter.

Along with a busy creative life, from 2000 to 2003, Zinovia Vasilievna worked as a researcher at the Moscow representative office of the Torshntekh company in the laboratory for studying torsion fields of the International Institute for Theoretical and Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, whose director at that time was Anatoly Evgenievich Akimov. During 2003-2005, Zinovia Vasilievna was the editor-in-chief of the Interregional Public Organization for the Promotion of Science, Culture and Art "Star of the East". She took an active part in international programs on cultural relations between peoples. She was also invited to the radio station Voice of Russia, which was broadcast in India and Mongolia.

In 2004, the photo exhibition "Geography of Travel" was opened in Moscow, representing the places visited by Zinovia Vasilievna. The exhibition united precious pearls of human culture from different eras and peoples into a single pattern. Thus, photographs dedicated to Japan, India, China, Tibet, Mongolia, Egypt, France, Italy, America and other countries told about the most revered places that are considered sacred and energy centers of the planet, which are shrouded in numerous legends and secrets. In the future, the exhibition was exhibited in other cities of Russia, as well as in India, Ukraine, and France.

At the same time, Zinovia Vasilievna published several books for children. Among them is a book "Tales for the Messiah" and a set of audio CDs with fairy tales performed by the author, which were awarded with diplomas and thanks for their contribution to spiritual education. These philosophical tales, published in five languages, have a beneficial effect on the formation of the child's consciousness, when with the help of kindness and love, the correct formation of his personality takes place. Fairy tales enjoy great authority when working with disadvantaged children in schools, orphanages, and correctional institutions.

During 2003-2006, three books by Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova - "Fiery Bible", "Gospel of Sophia - the Power and Wisdom of God" and "Tales for the Messiah" were translated into French and published in France. In this regard, frequent trips to France followed to participate in book salons and meet readers. Thus, the Department of Education of the city of Beauvais arranged a series of meetings with the author for students of all ages, as well as teachers, educators and psychologists, who noted positive changes in children in the process of studying fairy tales. Presentations of the author's books were held in different cities of France, including Paris.

In 2007, Zinovia Vasilievna organized her own Publishing House in Moscow, later - "Dushkova Publishing House", the main activity of which is the publication of books that carry the ideas of Good, Light and Love, as the main Force and Law of the Universe.

Further, Zinovia Vasilievna also focused on scientific activities. In 2008, she was accepted as an applicant for the degree of candidate of philosophical sciences at the Department of Philosophy of the Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman. After defending a dissertation on the topic "The Role of Personality in History: Historiosophical Analysis", she was awarded the degree of candidate of philosophical sciences. Since 2008, being a full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences and the European Scientific Society in Hannover, Germany, Zinovia Dushkova has been conducting research in the field of the ecology of consciousness, making presentations and publishing in publications in Germany, Russia and Ukraine.

In 2012, the first volume of the three-volume Work was published "Dialogues", written by Zinovia Vasilievna high in the mountains in 2004–2005. For seven long years it could not be published until the Time came. This book, for the first time in the history of mankind and the planet, tells about the White Island, about its structure and inner life, about the secret laboratories and scientific research that is carried out there, as well as about the Great Lord of Shambhala. The second volume was written and published in 2012, which tells about the underground layers that are the natural habitat of reptilian creatures - the Inner Kingdom under the crust of the Earth, mentioned in the Mahatma Letters. In 2017, the third volume of Dialogues, long awaited by readers, was also published, the subtitle of which - Recordings of Sanat Kumar's Conversations - speaks for itself.

Currently, Zinovia Vasilievna is conducting deep research work, and her priceless and truly immortal books help people not only in Russian, but also in English, German, French, Spanish and other languages.


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