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Reader reviews

"77 Pearls shining on the rosary of Time"

Every living being wants love, spiritual warmth. The books of Zinovia Vasilievna convey this warmth of Love, which warms the heart and soul. In the most difficult moments of my life, in the period of the greatest experiences, I read Lessons and Motives from the book "77 pearls shining on the beads of time." This book became a great support for me at a time when everything seemed gloomy and hopeless, when I did not find the strength to move on, and did not know where and why, when it seemed that many people around and close to me helped with all their might, but inside there was still a void. The Lesson of Losses, the Motive of Barriers, the Lesson of Radiance, the Lesson of Love, the Lesson of Hope, the Lesson of Will, the Lesson of Mood, and others - they gave me that understanding, wisdom, inspiration, hope, the opportunity to find inner strength in myself, which at that time was so lacking , and most importantly, the opportunity to fill the void that created darkness in me. I still read this book to this day, and every time I find something new, beautiful and inspiring in it. Books of the Teachings of the Hierarchy of Light are always with me, starting from my late childhood, when my father began to study them. Much of what he found there, of course, he told and passed on to me, often read out short excerpts from the books of the Teaching of Living Ethics, Facets of Agni Yoga, Teachings of the Heart and other books of the Teaching, often gave me to read what he found. At one of these moments, when I was still in high school, my father read one of the passages about drinking alcohol, how it affects a person. At that time, I knew about the sad experience that my mother and grandmother had to go through when my grandfather was drinking. And I realized that I did not want to drink alcohol. I made the decision “not to drink”, I went through all the years of my life with this decision, I remain faithful to it to this day, and only confirmed the correctness of my decision, which I made as a child, when I heard certain texts from the Teaching. My father at one time, having read certain lines from the Teaching, made a decision for himself not to eat meat. Through the awareness of certain things, which the books of the Teaching gave him, he was able at one moment, once and for all his life, to refuse to eat meat food, and he does not feel the need to use it. Anyone who once tried to give up eating meat and could not do it can understand what it is. When I studied physics and astronomy at the university, conducted scientific activities, I saw that in physics, in official science, many things that are said in the books of the Teaching are not accepted. And even much is denied, based on the arsenal of arguments and facts that scientists have. Of course, I also had questions about whether this is really true, but we cannot prove anything. Now that I have already internally established my understanding, I have no doubts. And then I asked myself many times how everything really is. One day, late in the evening, I flew on a small plane from one city to another, flew to the Urals for a conference on astronomy for young scientists. Through the porthole window, I saw a simply unique phenomenon for me, as an astrophysicist. It was dark, and the sky was all dark. And along the entire line of the horizon, from one end to the other, a rainbow was visible. And not just an ordinary rainbow, as we are used to seeing it, curved in an arc, but a completely even straight line and very, very long, infinitely extending to one edge of the horizon and to the other - a horizontal rainbow. I even began to look closely at the colors that were there in it, is it really a rainbow. Because.. How? How can a rainbow appear almost at night in the dark in a straight line, horizontal, and so long? What should be the positions of the Sun, the Earth and the observer in order to align the rainbow like this? You will never see this anywhere. Of course, in laboratories you can see even small cropped stripes of the light spectrum. But in order for the Earth itself to create such a phenomenon in natural conditions .. I have not found descriptions of such a phenomenon anywhere. Then I searched and didn't find it. Moreover, the inner edge of the rainbow usually starts with purple and ends with red on the outer edge, from bottom to top. And here, on the contrary. Below, the rainbow stripe began in red-orange, turned into green, and then into blue-blue and into an indigo-violet sky. As if the glow from the sunset remained. Orange, red, yellow - these colors can often be seen during sunset .. But in this iridescent long strip, in addition to red-orange colors, a green line was clearly visible, which is not usually seen when observing sunsets. So it really was a rainbow—a rainbow spectrum of colors. At the same time, my colleagues were on the plane, and they also all saw this phenomenon. There was no doubt that I saw everything correctly. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. This was a wonderful gift for my birthday. This phenomenon was not only beautiful, but also amazingly incredible. I felt very good then. Throughout the flight, I admired this beautiful rainbow stripe. At that moment, I realized that even something that we cannot imagine and imagine is possible. Somewhere, somewhere, I heard someone say that when a rainbow appears in the sky, it is God's answer to our prayers. Maybe that's really what it is.

Tatiana Shumakova

 "Book of Proverbs"

The small Book of Proverbs is both simple and complex at the same time. Here, each of us will find a message for ourselves, depending on what stage of our life we are at, and not only within the framework of one earthly life, but also within the One Infinite Life, the steps of which we count by our constant incarnations.

And so, one, being alone and even in despair, will be able to revive hope in his soul; the other, rushing from one extreme to another, suddenly sees the importance of uniting his opposites, calling for equal cooperation both his spirit and his body; the third, being in slavery to his desires, thoughts and emotions, suddenly realizes that today it is important to hurry to free your spirit from the slavery of your body, and make it king and master over all your bodily throwing and attachments, because the lower should never control higher, but always vice versa. There is wisdom here for those of us who are still afraid of death and have not yet learned that death helps us Live from life to life, moving us along the steps of our own improvement and universal Evolution.

Deep meanings are conveyed to us in parables about such seemingly ordinary things as our shadows that we reflect, about Time, about Grief and Joy. There are so many signs, clues, and even specific explanations in parables that in an instant you can suddenly see yourself and your whole life. How did so many Love, Wisdom and Secrets of the Universe fit in just 12 short parables? Maybe because they are not told from the mind, but transmitted by the Higher Mind, which has a Great Heart? ..

The great, and at the same time, simple meanings of the Book of Proverbs help us feel that we belong not only to our mortal Earth, but also to the Wise Space of Infinity, where we all come from. Perhaps you will even feel a light, pleasant thrill in your heart, as if you heard a warm parental voice, the same one that you heard in very early childhood, but forgot for the time being ...


Victoria Klyashtornaya

"Teaching of the Heart"

I have heard one opinion on the Teaching of the Heart:
- I opened the book, I read, but I know everything.
Where is the new knowledge? There is nothing in her
What could I learn, honestly.

I tell her: “You have read about Love.
— Why, love, we knew everything about it before.
Love, love, love - on every page.
From this, right, eyelashes close sleepily.

Well, what could I tell her? Offered her another book
Where knowledge can lead to something, move.
She herself revealed with excitement the Teaching of the Heart.
And sparks splashed, as if I had opened the doors.

Magical, pure world light gently poured.
He raised me above earthly life, sparkled.
My Father, the Almighty, began a sincere conversation
About life according to your heart, about the one that leads us to dawn.

He gave hope and faith, tuned thoughts.
And His gentle current poured and poured through the lines ...
Oh, to breathe forever with that gentle, gentle stream
Love sent down in the heart by the Parent - God!

What could be more beautiful than the feeling of unity,
That you are not alone on earth, you are loved, and that it is pure
In your soul, something bad has come out,
Love, filling you, displaces the bad.

Yes! .. Do not describe the magic books to me.
The Teaching of the Heart is a great fount of Wisdom!
That is the Knowledge of God! And it's an endless stream
Love of the Highest, a story about Her eternal path,

How love moves the universe up with its power,
And how She expands the consciousness of each spark.
Who wants to go on a journey for his love,
You must know everything about Love in order to cope with the test.

Open the Teaching of the Heart, we have been given a guide!
It has magic spells, pure spring
Spring water that will not let you dry up from thirst.
God forbid you find Love, meet her one day!


Khromenkova Nadezhda

"Teaching of the Heart"


Zinovia Vasilievna!


With an open heart to step into the world
And bring the Fire in the Blood -
Great Words of Love!

ABOUT! How they glow in the darkness
And each fiery takes off
By touching the LEARNING OF THE HEART,
Turning into a wise Firebird,

And expand the Cosmos in the Heart, -


How to express what Books give me -
My soul is a fatherly shelter,

The stream of the living Word, as in the desert
Everyday life to hear God's Name,
A sip of living water in the streams of heat,
Ray of the sun. earthly incarnation

It was given to me that these lips
Reading Books White, wings
Luminous, powerful, protective
I covered the ashes like a dream with prayers.

And in the white-gold radiance of Light,
What Books radiate to the Planet,
I was able to bring Love the Covenant -
We melt the darkness into a wonderful Light.

These Books are Signs of Love,
It needs to be felt and the fire is in the blood
It will flare up violently, ringing with colors,
I love Zinovia and the Stream of Fire

The highest, good pours into my heart,
And, Reading the Works, it will respond with a note
Every Vibration. Each line
Penetrates the heart, sacred and light.

I am One with the Spirit, and help me with this
Living Books could, I am the Daughter of Light!

Natalia Kovaleva

"Book of Proverbs"


The Book of Proverbs is a book that helps a person figure out what is good and what is bad, gives a person an impetus for development, explains the simple truths necessary to understand oneself and one's place in life. For me, each book by Zinovia Vasilievna is a priceless gift, touching which fills my heart with love for the world around.

Olga Grigorieva

"Stations of Love"

Great Book! Her language is divinely simple. The source is felt to be the Highest! There was not a single moment of doubt, objection, as happens when reading"conventional»books ... It is simply necessary that as many people as possible have the opportunity to touch this Book. Low bow to the One who managed to write down this highest Knowledge for the salvation of Mankind…


Tatyana Aslamas

"Book of Proverbs"


There are books that you want to re-read not once or twice, but throughout your life. They do not have a fascinating plot or intrigue. They give food not to the mind, but to the Heart. They contain a whole ocean of spiritual wisdom, and in order to get the grains of it, you need to make efforts of the heart.

Therefore, these pages are re-read again and again - and each time they are illuminated with a new meaning, depending on the heights to which the Spirit of the reader has grown, which is able to accommodate his consciousness.

The “Book of Proverbs” is the source to which the Heart dried up from thirst falls. We live in the vanity of vanities, busy with business and cannot stop this run in circles. But there comes a moment when there is no more strength - you want warmth, Light for the soul tormented by everyday life. And then the hand reaches for the life-giving source.

This small booklet contains such a host of questions that a different person, even in his entire life, will not be able not only to solve, but even to put before himself. And here are the answers - simple, but deeply wise and comprehensive. And each time these answers are seen in a new Light, illuminating for each-differently.

The "Book of Proverbs" by Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova is an inexhaustible source of Light and Peace for a weary traveler walking through earthly life. Each story contains a great lesson. And if you learn all the Lessons that are laid down in this wise book, it’s completely-otherwise would see the world of people and their own Path in this world.

We are very glad that we are contemporaries of Zinovia Vasilievna, we live in the same beloved country, at the same wonderful time as she does, and we have the opportunity to draw Divine Wisdom from this well.

Altai region

"Book of Proverbs"


This little "Book of Proverbs" by ZV Dushkova is like a small treasure. Each parable is a precious stone, the brilliance and radiance of which is illuminated by our mood, the radiance of the sun outside the window, the openness of our soul, the demand of our heart. And each parable, with its small story, reveals to us the depth of its universe, its secrets and hopes, allowing us to comprehend the simplest and greatest truths.


Tatyana Krivda

"Book of Proverbs"


The "Book of Proverbs" is one of the facets of the Crystal of Truth, the Treasury of the Fiery Heart of the author, and this is typical of all published books by Zinovia Dushkova.

A cup of the Nectar of wisdom and love is offered to the Traveler of Life to drink, having quenched the thirst of an inquisitive mind and a warm heart in the knowledge of landmarks at difficult everyday crossroads.

The light of illumination descends from the pages of the book in the knowledge of its human and divine essence, so vital in the Epoch of Great Changes.


Miraculously, the complex theme of Genesis, which was interpreted by the sages in multi-volume books, was presented by the author in twelve parables, a small book with captivating plots.

"The Book of Proverbs" is a book of a wide range of sounds in self-knowledge of oneself, where new facets of life are opened, which are composed by Eternity.


Ekaterina Bychkova

"Book of Proverbs"


Alas, I cannot be verbose in my review of the book, small in form, but large in essence, by Z. V. Dushkova “The Book of Parables”. The fact is that on Earth, as you know, everything is comprehended by human hands and feet, but I was lucky, and I know our beloved Z. V. a little, so I’ll just say “The Book of Proverbs”_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_— one of the many Books of our beloved Z.V., reading which the human Heart rejoices, and that a person is dark and unhappy, who, standing at the Source of sources, is looking for a source even purer or tastier for him.

Juozas Preikshas

"Book of Proverbs"


Tales, Legends, Parables - this is an amazing art of transferring knowledge, skills, laws of human life. It lived with the people, and was close to them forever and ever.


The "Book of Proverbs" by Z. Dushkova is special. Here, the Highest Truth, revealing itself with amazing facets, gently addresses the human heart, gently and affectionately awakening it, because speaks the same language with him.

The book gives hope that there is always a place where the bird of happiness awaits him!

She calls a person to aspire to the Great Journey - to find himself in himself. She endows with the understanding that no one is alone, that there is always one or the only one in the world who send love to each other through the seas and mountains, and starry oceans.

You begin to believe that there is nothing stronger and more powerful than Love, it awakens a person, making him believe that he will overcome all obstacles, because he is not alone. On this journey, he is always accompanied by his Spirit and the Guiding hand.

Understanding that you have come into contact with the High Wisdom, which resounded in the World as the Divine Source, gives tremendous strength to strive towards this Source.

A person, living in this binary world, seeks to know all its qualities in his ordinary life. He sees the bad, the good, something he accepts, something not. And so, step by step, he moves from understanding the division of the world, to understanding the division within himself. Having achieved unity in himself, accepting that the world is a continuation of himself, a person comes to an understanding of the Unity of all Existing. Each parable in this book leads a person to Unity. Each parable helps us understand this division in ourselves and transform the opposite into one with love, illuminating all the secrets of the soul with the light of Divine Love.

Lyudmila Petkevich

"Stations of Love"

Always, when I reread the “Stanzas of Love”, a feeling of harmony and peace sets in my soul, and everything earthly and perishable goes where-then it disappears… giving me hours of Hope and moments of heartfelt Wisdom… and I feel like a part of the great and endless Ocean of Eternity, to which I am a part…

Dear Zinovia Vasilievna! Accept, as the Gratitude of my heart, these rhyming lines, inspired by the "Stanzas of Love". How I want Love to be desired by every human heart, so that hatred leaves us forever, so that the most beautiful adornment of our face is a smile of Joy ... I Believe that this is exactly what Heavenly Lhasa will be like!

"Stations of Love" - Message of the Gods,
That they love us and cherish us ...
From the depths of the gray ages "The Teachings of Dzyan"
They give us secret secrets!

They are full of heart Wisdom
Sofia herself gave them to us,
They are a million years old...
But how dear they are to hearts!

Those secrets inspire us with Hope,
That starry eternity is full of rationality,
That there are no accidents in the Starry Space,
She is filled with patterns!

The whole universe was created by love
Everything breathes in the rays of Light and Goodness!
From the Fiery Worlds they send us the rays of the Covenant
-Lipiki - Proponents of ignorance and evil!

Their hearts are burning with Divine Wisdom
And strong hands hold the helm,
All the Life Periods of the Creatures know…
And Evolution, their Life is a stellar Ideal!

They are confident in the Victory of Light!
And Mankind is led to that Victory,
Rising in Love, beautiful planet,
Having chosen the path of the Fiery Heart forever!

"Stations of Love" - the Creation of Love itself,
What lives in the heart of every spark ...
Let's not extinguish that sacred fire -
Who Loves, Believes, Hopes and Waits!

Evgeny Beryozkin

"Instructions of the Sun"


The book "Instructions of the Sun" sounds like the Blagovest, the final chord of the Mystery of Star sowing on the soils of the earth.

The Light of Illumination is shed from the pages of the book on all human souls of the Sublunar Kingdom and awakens from a deep sleep of oblivion.

The book "Instructions of the Sun" is one of the treasures, the works of Zinovia Dushkova - take as much as you can fit. This is their feature.

Many thanks to the author for the long-awaited and timely, on pressing issues, book.


Let the whirlwind spin
For the Glory of the Father
To the joy of the saints
May there be no end
Your deeds!
Let the sparks of love
They fly around the world
Hearts are on fire
People are being awakened.
Let the light shine
earth with love,
She will rise
Throw off the shackles!
Let the darkness recede
At the bright dawn
There will be no place for her
On our Earth!
Let happiness live
The gardens are blooming
The man will be covered -
Knows the truth.
Let the dawn send
Kiss of the universe.
Love will rise
Certainly in our hearts!
Let the whirlwind spin
For the glory of the Father
For the joy of the saints.
May there be no end
Your deeds!

Ekaterina Bychkova

"Diamond Hearts of Love"


I read “Diamond Hearts of Love” as if I had visited the Temple of Light. In difficult moments of life, we come to the Temple and pray at the icons, “that peoples and countries have already saved, human souls in mortal wounds.” And what do we know about them - our protectors of Heaven? The book of Zinovia Vasilievna describes the life of St. Sergius of Radonezh and Seraphim of Sarov, the Holy Brothers Boris and Gleb, and many Saints, about whom not everything is possible and heard. And in the chapters dedicated to the icons of the Saints, the great work of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, John the Baptist, the Apostles, Evangelists, icon painters is sung. We are given lessons of Patience and Faith, Love and Compassion. “Love your neighbors. God will give only to those who have loved another ... "

"Diamond Hearts of Love" is a Thanksgiving book, glorifying the Great Messengers who help us on our earthly journey.

I quietly approach the icon,

I look trustingly into my eyes.

For your great work, relatives:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tatyana Ivanova

"Teaching of the Heart"


I open the book and again, and again I fall under the influence of a surprisingly soft, gentle, captivating magnet. It's impossible to break away. You are enveloped by divine cordiality, you feel so protected and loved, and so universal, cosmic, as if you understand and know everything.

And your heart aches sweetly and fills with delight, it is overflowing, and you are afraid that it will not stand it and break through. And sometimes it happens, the heart opens and gives birth to sounds:

I will cling to your chest,
And in the infinite heart
I drown every time
I quietly dissolve
Mixed with the waters of Love
In the bliss of the ocean,
And knowing what God is
I'm dying sweetly...

Tatyana Krivda

"Brotherhood. Aboveground Abode»


That summer, my sister and I were resting at a dacha by the sea. The weather had not settled yet, and we spent most of our time reading. We read aloudBrotherhood. Elevated Abode" by Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova. We read every free minute, as soon as one of us could open a book.

From the first lines, the book aroused amazing confidence, it poured into our hearts like a pure stream. We often interrupted the reading with reflections. We rejoiced, we simply recognized ourselves on the pages of the book, our steps, our mistakes. But we were glad that we had already taken this wrong step, and we had already made this mistake, which means that they are already in the past and this part of the path has already been passed.

The book instilled in us an amazing optimism, filled us with a sense of inspiration.

We turned the pages, and some of them were our past, and most of the others determined our future.

A builder lived with us at the dacha, who completed the construction of the premises. We were in front of each other, as if in the palm of your hand. Later, he asked his sister's husband: "What religion do your women practice, what did they read and laugh all the time?" and the husband answered: “Once they rejoiced, it means the Religion of Joy.”

Tatyana Krivda

"The Tale of the Fiery Lotus of Love"


Reading the books of Zinovia Dushkova, it is as if you are touching a living source, from which it is impossible to tear yourself away. The source that gives Knowledge and Power, and most importantly, teaches you to love and bring joy in your heart.

Nowhere and never have I read that it was written about a Woman! The book "The Tale of the Fiery Lotus of Love" answers the question "Who is a woman?"

There is an opinion among people that since God created a woman from the rib of a man, then her role in the world is secondary. Only our ignorance could determine her such a role. But in the book we read that by this God designated the unity of man and woman, their integrity and, at the same time, divisibility.

And is it really possible to live as before, limiting yourself to home fuss, when you read such lines: “Touch any woman of the Earth and know that this is a goddess, and a real one at that!”

Tatyana Ivanova

"Tales that grow with us"


Once, I took it to a boarding school, just to show the children, "Tales that grow with us." The children immediately asked them to read. I read the first “About the Sun”, they say: read more, read “About Eternity” - read more, read “About Shambhala” and already said myself that enough for today. It is interesting how the children listened to these tales: they yawned, everyone who could lay down on me, from all sidesOron stuck around, but read that's all. And this is 3rd grade. In the 5th grade it was the same, they persuaded me to read new fairy tales. Children love to watch our book of fairy tales so much, they will beg after reading it and leaf through it, stroke it, kiss it.

What a joy to see the joy of children. How I want all the children to hear them.

Many thanks, Zinovia Vasilievna, that there is such happiness - to help children accept this world in their hearts.

Lyudmila Petkevich

"Tales for the Messiah"


Fairy tales, my favorite! They are my friends. We have a very important task with them, which my heart accepted everything without a trace - to go with them to the children.

When I just started going to a boarding school for children to read fairy tales, I overcame a lot in myself, and also children, at first they were curious about what I came to them with, then they are like children who watch TV or videos, they don’t want to break away Some want to listen, others want to watch. But I did not pressure them, leaving them to make a choice. Usually the children came to a common decision - to listen. But a year has passed, now, the children say "The Storyteller" has come and they are happy. Children meet with smiles, kids always run to hug. We have already read all the fairy tales several times, but they still want to listen. Two new classes appeared this year as well - the first and the fifth. We discuss something during the meeting, often children ask about dreams. One boy fights monsters in a dream, I tell him: "I've seen enough cartoons - horror stories." One girl in the 3rd grade told me very seriously after reading “The Tale of the Wise Tsar” that she does not believe in any other heavenly world and does not want to know anything about it. At the next meeting, she ran to meet me, wanting to tell her dream, in which the angels selected people, who they would select - he would go to heaven. She was very worried, she wanted to be chosen, and they took her, she was looking for her sister among these people and found her. I was very glad.

Lyudmila Petkevich

"Fire Bible"


All the creativity that comes out of the Heart of Zinovia Vasilievna brings a feeling of Light, Purity, Love, Beauty and causes Joy that this has become possible.

Everything is Harmonious - form and content. Everything is written simply, like Truth itself.

We have been waiting for the publication of the book "The Fiery Bible", and so far this book has not gone out of hand.

This book is the Fire of the Savior's Heart. Not everyone can touch this Fire.

But it is necessary. We must go through this path of repentance and move on, carrying in our hearts the Great Faith and Hope that the Love of the Savior is poured into every heart that has responded to this Call.

For so many years I was in sorrow as the Easter Days approached. I shed tears watching films about Jesus Christ, my heart was torn from suffering for Him. And when I took the “Fiery Bible” in my hands, I shed the last tear and realized that he was Risen not so that people would look at the crucifixion and cry for two thousand years, but so that we would change, be cleansed of vices, improve, so that meet Him and say how much we love him.

The "Fiery Bible" is written so clearly, without allegories, ambiguities, but very Strongly, the Power of the Word is manifested in all its Greatness.

Litany Silent, when you read, you hear temple music, the heart shrinks and it seems to cry out, crying out to Heaven for forgiveness for all human sins. But then it subsides in quiet joy that there is this forgiveness. The main thing is to understand that everything that happens to us - our life, work, happiness - this is our answer to the Lord, why do we live and where are we going?

Lord, what words can I find to convey my gratitude for your Patience and Love for people!

Lyudmila Petkevich

«Учение Сердца»


Читая книги З.В. Душковой, приходит понимание значение сердца человеческого в нашу наступившую Новую Эпоху.

В книгах раскрывается Творчество Единого, скрепленное энергией Любви. Перед тобою открывается мироздание со своей красотой, гармонией, тональностью звучания, Великой значимости Творения. Открывается Тайна Женского Начала.

Великая благодарность З.В. Душковой и тем, кто принимает участие в этом.

Игорь Педченко

«Тайная Доктрина Любви»


Слово, возведенное на Алтарь Души звёздной, становится алмазом, где каждая грань неповторима в своей Огненно-сияющей красоте, несущее вдохновение и радость, восторг и устремление. Это Слово затрагивает лучшие струны души, будит желание стать лучше и чище.

Это Храм — Книга Зиновьи Васильевны «Тайная Доктрина Любви», где Лучом Любви-Мудрости зажжен Огонь Слова Истины.

Кристалл Истины в преломлении Тайной Доктрины Любви звучит апофеозом, когда-либо звучащим по всем октавам сфер земных. И это произведение помогает настроить струны сердец, дабы ко времени отзвучать на Великую Симфонию Космической Любви, да воочию лицезреть разворачивающуюся мистерию Великого Агни — Единение Земли и Неба, Духа и Души. Недалек тот час, когда книга подобно Неопалимой Купине войдет в историю Земли, как одно из лучших творений автора, которого назовут Великим Дирижером сердец человеческих. И сердечная благодарная память никогда не забудет ту единственную, такую нежную и такую суровую Голубую Жемчужину Космических Вод, которой предстоит взойти с пучин Вселенной лучезарным Светилом с Солнцеликой Расой.

Пришла к Вам долгожданная Любовь, пора! Пора пробудиться, златым светом заискриться, лучам, что так долго спали в истомленной груди нашей Матушки Земли. Пусть она родная проснётся! Солнцеликой звездой к своим сёстрам вернётся! Станут сёстры в хоровод, и покроет небосвод сиянием всё Мироздание! Пусть радость пробуждения вознесётся к Престолу Отца!

И возрадуют Его Любящее Сердце и не будет этому конца!

Екатерина Бычкова

«77 Жемчужин, сияющих на четках Времени»


Книга «77 Жемчужин, сияющих на четках Времени», соприкоснувшись к которой поможет освободить Владычицу Любовь, заключенную в темнице самости человеческой.

Божественный дар сердцу человеческому — любить. Эта книга очень своевременна по восстановлению памяти сердца о своём природном свойстве. Это Учебник, как для начинающих, на стезе познания любви, так и для идущих, с открытым сердцем.

Екатерина Бычкова

«Учение Сердца»


Накануне Нового Века в истории Земли произошло Великое событие — забил небесный кристально-чистый Источник Огненного Слова Владыки. Только огненное сердце может принять и сохранить чистоту звучания Огненного Слова и дать жертвенно испить всем жаждущим. Книга Зиновьи Васильевны Душковой «Учение Сердца» является чистым источником Жизни для всего человечества, изливающегося из Сокровищницы Великого Сердца Спасителя, который стремится сонастроить, истомленные житейской суетой сердца человеческие со Своим ритмом Вселюбящего Сердца.

Любить — вот все, что надо человеку, во спасение души своей в Эпоху Огненного Сердца.

Екатерина Бычкова

«Станцы Любви»


Эта книга — о Божественном Творчестве, о том, как строилась наша Планета Земля. Бог Создаёт Миры из Энергии Любви. Любовь — это Его Материал. Уплотняясь, эти энергии превращаются в земную материю — ту, что нас окружает, из которой состоят наши земные тела. Мы все созданы из Любви Творца, Отца нашего — вышли из Него и идём к Нему! Эта книга — о Его Любви.

Находясь в обыденной рутинной жизни, трудно окинуть взором путь Эволюции Земли и увидеть своё место в этой цепи. Низкий поклон автору за помощь в прозрении и мощном импульсе к размышлению над невидимыми Узорами Божественного Замысла.

Книга помогает увидеть как бы с высоты Небес всю Историю строительства Планеты и почувствовать ответственность за Человечество, за себя лично перед Отцом Всевышним, перед бесчисленными жертвами Великих Учителей.

Станцы — это ступени нисхождения Любви в глубь зарождения Земли. Это история её создания от Истоков и до наших дней на самом высоком уровне Творения. Обратить наш взор к этому Процессу мог только Высочайший Дух, который сам состоит из энергий Любви. Это счастье — окунуться в эти размышления, попробовать понять своё место в бесконечной Цепи Восхождения по ступеням Вечности.

Величайшая Мистерия описана простым доступным языком, читается легко, на одном дыхании. «Послевкусие», которое остаётся от прочтения, ещё долго заставляет как бы парить над обыденностью, наводит на глубокие размышления о Добре и Зле…

Лидия Косова

«Станцы Любви»


Двенадцатиструнные «Станцы Любви» звучат потрясающе на струнах Души, жаждущей познать себя в Боге, имя которого Любовь, — повествующее через чистейший Исток кристального Слова автора Истину Сотворения Мира, Владычицей Любовью, и чудодейственным образом сложная Истина воспринимается легко и доступно.

Коснись струн волшебной Книги и она раскроет сокровенную тайну твоего Божественного Пути, в твой Отчий Звёздный Дом.

Екатерина Бычкова

«Станцы Любви»


Станцы Любви! Эта небольшая книга — спутник моих дорог. Я часто брала её, отправляясь к Святому месту, к Храму, посещая Святыни Москвы, Киева, Крыма, неоднократно посещая Троице-Сергиевую Лавру и другие очень важные для меня места.

Всегда восторгалась, как можно было вместить Бесконечное в несколько строк, несколько страниц.

Вся Эволюция Земли, Человечества разворачивается такой мощной энергетической спиралью, что сердце просто трепещет и омывается чистыми, нежными, любящими слезами. Потому, что оттуда проливается такой поток Любви — Любви Творца к Своему Созданию.

Огромная благодарность Зиновье Васильевне за этот Величайший Труд её Сердца.

Людмила Петкевич

«Станцы Любви»


Станцы Любви! Эта небольшая книга — спутник моих дорог. Я часто брала её, отправляясь к Святому месту, к Храму, посещая Святыни Москвы, Киева, Крыма, неоднократно посещая Троице-Сергиевую Лавру и другие очень важные для меня места.

Всегда восторгалась, как можно было вместить Бесконечное в несколько строк, несколько страниц.

Вся Эволюция Земли, Человечества разворачивается такой мощной энергетической спиралью, что сердце просто трепещет и омывается чистыми, нежными, любящими слезами. Потому, что оттуда проливается такой поток Любви — Любви Творца к Своему Созданию.

Огромная благодарность Зиновье Васильевне за этот Величайший Труд её Сердца.

Людмила Петкевич

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