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Coronavirus and non-coronaviruses


Each of the comets flying towards the Earth has its own passengers, which are of various forms, from visible to invisible to the "eye" of the microscope. Living bacteria stuffed with viruses make unimaginably long flights in intergalactic space. Whether guided by their own will, they go on long journeys, plunging into the spheres of advancement of many planets? - Yes and no! There is a clear relationship between certain cosmic bodies that are part of a particular star system. Consider one of them, which is controlled by a luminary named the Sun.

Sunlight kills many microorganisms - and this is an indisputable fact. But many of them, who inhabited the Earth at the dawn of the planet's birth, did not in vain go the way of the pioneers of desert soils. They, in their deep structures, had a definite purpose. So, microorganisms began to zealously fulfill their tasks. Some of them remained on the surface of the Earth’s soils, while others began to penetrate layer by layer deep into, “inseminating” all rocks ... And those that were most resistant to the effects of fire penetrated into the Holy of Holies - the core of the planet. And this course of events was typical for almost all the planets of the solar system, with the exception of those that were shrouded in "burning cold" and bound by an ice shell - a special "kind" of micro-passengers rested there.

But the Sun from time to time began to show tangible activity for viruses. And those that were immersed in the layer of soils that are spread in the ocean depths began to come to life in order to act as a single armada against those structures that threaten the premature death of the entire planet. Other microorganisms began to form "detachments" aimed at protecting the living Nature of the Earth, because it - a small planet - is just one link, a single Chain of planets represented within the Solar system ...

The earth today represents a gigantic infirmary, spread out in the midst of an unprecedentedly vast battlefield. Moreover, inside each of the living creatures living on the planet, microorganisms are ready to launch a bloody battle. Truly, the entire history of mankind shows that the Human race came out more than once as a winner, where, voluntarily or involuntarily, he was drawn into a deadly arena. Of course, the losses were colossal, but the same viruses that killed often became good allies, developing a kind of immunity to the next enemy attacks...

Like all living things, viruses go their own way, which can be called evolutionary. And again, an involutionary path is traced here, which, as a result of many mutations, implies a fall down into the abyss of oblivion. But the latter do not want to give up without a fight, dying, they are trying to take with them as many people as possible. And as a rule, the digestible soil here is a person who has not outlived his animal nature and the frequency of vibrations has not reached the proper height. But this rule has a number of exceptions. There are those people who, regardless of their age and social status, appear on the battlefield with an open visor, in our case, we can say, "without hiding behind a mask."

A person can serve as a source of deadly infections, sowing death, as they say, right and left. And it can also become a source of life, being a crucible of transmutations. As if in a blast furnace, he melts everything necessary, increasing the degree of burning of the inner Fire. At the cost of his life, he accomplishes an invisible feat of Service to the Cause of healing the entire planet. A person can appear on the battlefield not only in a white coat, but also surrounded by the White Flame…

Yes, human nature has its capacity at the cellular level, and, not knowing the measure and, most often, not wanting to know the measure in his generous giving, overloading his shoulders with an unbearable burden, the ascetic dies. But in this case, it serves as a star that flashes before the eyes of those who have crossed the line of life and death. And, serving as a small luminary, like the sun, the one who left this world continues to serve, creating his own microworld in space, in which healing will eventually be achieved thanks to the discarded quaternaries that tried to pull the human spirit down with involutionary steps into the hopeless spheres of hell.

The triumph of Life on Earth is inevitable, just as it is inevitable that Death will try to triumph more than once. And here a lot depends on each person. There are not so few Messengers of other Worlds left on the planet, who incarnated in the flesh and blood of earthly beings, so that in those periods when Cosmic Justice is being exercised, they could extend a Helping Hand to those infected with the plague, leprosy or cholera, and wrest the suffering soul from the embraces of Death. But that's what Justice is for, which is nevertheless called upon to protect from those who, by their own will, commit a crime against Life. And as always, the recognition of one's guilt, the mistakes made in the days of the past, gives the right to appeal to the Judges of Heaven, Their boundless Mercy and Compassion. “The sword does not strike a guilty head…” - And yet one should always remember that a chance is given once, rarely - twice, but three times - never! ..

Your salvation is in your own hands, and therefore be protected by the Power of your prayers and all the Powers of Heaven, who abide in bloody sweat day and night in the name of saving Life on the Earthly Plane!

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