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Coronation of viruses continues...


The “coronation” of viruses continues, and it is quite active… Many of you know that there are Seven Kingdoms, conditionally subdivided into the Kingdom of Minerals (corresponding to the physical body of a person), the Kingdom of Plants (substance of Life, Prana), the Kingdom of Animals (Astral body) , the Kingdom of the Human (Animal Soul), the Kingdom of the Human Soul (Manas), the Kingdom of the Spiritual Soul (Buddhi), the Kingdom of the Universal Spirit (Atma). But few people know that on planet Earth, below the Kingdom of Minerals, there are still Three Kingdoms, the vital activity of which is an unsolved mystery for Humanity. The existence of these Three Kingdoms is mentioned in the Mahatma Letters. And one of them is very, very actively involved in the life of not only man, but also all the first Four Kingdoms, starting from the first days of the creation of the world. Moreover, just like the Kingdom of Minerals, it declared war on all people, literally capturing the entire planet. Is it fair, is it a holy war, or has Humanity aggravated its fate and must pay all karmic bills, or is this general planetary situation the result of an inadequate, destructive and, moreover, predatory attitude towards the Earthly body? And if the Kingdom of Minerals uses the same human hands so that the ore extracted from the depths is cast into bullets and into all kinds of weapons and people themselves kill each other, then here, I think, an analogy can be drawn ...

Virus Kingdom! It populated all the pores of the planet, it performed labor only for it, both in the soils of the earth and in the water masses, as they say on earth, both in water and in the air, penetrating into the bowels of the Kingdom of Plant and Animal. All this contributed to the disappearance of certain species of flora and fauna on Earth, as well as the emergence of new "characters" as a result of numerous mutations. As for the Human Kingdom, here the multibillion-dollar armadas of the Kingdom of viruses have their own scores. And the fight is not for life, but for death! A person changes, like everything else in living Nature, and viruses also mutate, becoming stronger and, one might say, “intelligent”. They can very "fruitfully" infiltrate the human mind, prompting it to "cooperate", and if the goal is peaceful, then that's fine; and if there is a war, then new strains of “warriors” begin to be rapidly produced by human hands, against which the arsenals of Mankind are powerless. Thus, their “heroes” come to the fore, putting Death at their service, which vehemently mows down everyone, young and old. Of course, the most deadly "individuals" undergo a kind of "coronation", and already on the basis of their structures, new detachments of killer viruses are formed, bringing with them the next pandemics.

Can a virus carry peaceful "ideas"? Is the seizure of power over Mankind, and indeed over the whole world, always his main goal? Undoubtedly, he can both sow death and affirm life. Millions of deaths will serve as a bountiful harvest on the battlefield, and yet there will be many more resurrected from among those who entered the arena of the battle with the virus. But the same virus, which became an ally to man, could help to win. Of course, it performs a number of destructive actions, shaking the entire human body, revealing weak points and links in the chain of evolutionary programs embedded in the genome, thus activating the protective reserves of a person and, ultimately, exposing a number of positive changes. Then the virus disappears without disappearing, because its trace remains, one might say, forever. And the human body already knows what to do in the hour when it will be subjected to another invasion of the enemy, which in essence represents the former armada, but already has a different “form and equipment”. As St. Seraphim of Sarov said: “Acquire the spirit of peace, and then thousands around you will be saved!” Indeed, Biblical truth. And this applies to everyone, from visible to invisible forms of Life, including all types and subspecies of living Nature. The Earth is a single Organism, and both in great and small personifies a system that is interconnected and interconnected in terms of the dependence of all organs on each other's vital activity. The active circulation of life is provided by all body systems, but failures can occur here, for example, when “warrior cells” macrophages, designed to “devour” the enemy in the form of viruses, bacteria and all other pathogens, suddenly begin to attack not only the sick, but also the healthy cells. So Humanity, symbolically representing separate cells of a single Organism, is subject to the same processes, and often a person subject to a decomposition virus serves for another person in the role of a macrophage “healer cell” that has lost its adequacy, turning into a “killer cell”. These people sometimes bring death to us, and if they fail to kill, they make us either crippled or stronger, ready to resist, because, figuratively speaking, we develop stable antibodies against such “individuals”. And here we can assert another, which has become almost Biblical, truth: there is no bad without good, but alas, sometimes, including with regard to diseases: “... there is no good without bad.”

How can an ordinary person understand why, being neither a righteous person nor a sinner, he is subjected to the most severe deadly diseases that threaten his life? The answer is simple - it's either a test or a causal retribution! And in both cases, it is necessary to adequately get out of the current situation, whether you are a simple earthly being or someone who is already looked upon almost like a saint ... And here it should be said that a person who has a quaternary and a triad, at the level of all seven bodies, can have his own diseases both bodily and mental. It makes no sense to enumerate thousands of thousands of diseases with which the flesh can be tucked up, mental pains also have their own nature, but as for the higher spirit, it is inaccessible to carnal sores and, nevertheless, conventionally speaking, can have its own “ailment ". And it looks like this: all righteous deeds are imprinted on the monad, in other words, they are fixed on the womb (“matrix”) of the spiritual triad. But if a person slides down the steps of involution and defiles both his flesh and his soul with his unrighteous actions, then the “record”, not receiving good “feeding” in the form of good deeds, fades and, becoming dull, may gradually disappear. A person loses contact with his spirit, and the spirit returns to the Kingdom of Heaven, and the flesh remains to “burn through” the rest of its days, or, having gathered all its strength, makes another leap to try to regain the lost height. And here, whether he becomes a righteous man or remains a sinner depends on the actions of the person himself, for Evolution moves forward and remains in the role of a simple person for a long time, frozen like an idol at one point, will not allow, following the Biblical Canon: “But how warm you are, and not hot and not cold, I will vomit you out of my mouth!” (Revelation 3:16).

There are seven septenary bodies in man, and each of them goes through a series of testing processes, pushing off from the human animal, ultimately following from “Homo Sapiens” (reasonable man) to “Homo Sapientatis” (more reasonable, wiser man), and wisdom, as known to dwell in the human heart. And here there is something to think about, is it not by chance that after people have been ill with coronavirus, they have problems, and, as statistics show, most complications are recorded at the level of the heart - more than sixty percent. Again, according to global statistics, one million people died from the coronavirus by the summer, and during the same time, seventeen million people died from cardiovascular diseases. Isn't this the weakest link in the Human Race? We all, as inhabitants of the Earth, have entered the Age of the Heart, and this organ, woven from higher quality matter, needs the closest attention from Science and the careful attitude of everyone who has a heart not just as a “unit” pumping blood, but as the sun is the life-giver of the small human microcosm. Of course, everyone has a heart, but both the crocodile and the chicken have it, as well as many other representatives of Nature, but I am talking about such qualities as cordiality and heartlessness that a person carries in his heart. And here I pay tribute to the deepest heartfelt respect to the Italian priest Giuseppe Berardelli, who sacrificed his life by giving his ventilator to a young patient he did not know; and I must say that this ventilator was bought with the money of the community specifically in order to save their rector... And all the inhabitants of Kaznigo applauded, seeing off the coffin with the body of their spiritual shepherd... Does the disease from which he died belong to the category of sacred, karmic or admitted? this priest? Yes and no. Rejecting the ventilator, he, with his free will, took upon himself the cross, in this case represented by a disease called “coronavirus”, following the Higher Covenant, because, as the Gospel of John says: “There is no greater love, if one lays down his life for his friends ". And in this case, for me, as well as for his flock, the reason for his departure from the disease is sacred! Is it karmic if he has already cleared his karma and has no outstanding debts? Who knows, maybe the young man he saved his life was indebted to the Law of Karma? But the priest, as a true Christian, took upon himself someone else's debt, like Jesus Christ, who laid all the sins of the Human Race on His Shoulders, and paid for the salvation of the soul of the one who was doomed. And the reason for the death of a priest in this case could be a karmic illness, but due to the acceptance of the karma of another soul ... And as the Gospel of Mark says: ... Jesus said to them: “Come with Me, and I will make you fishers of human souls” (1 verse 17 ). Yes, indeed, the Law of Cosmic Karma of Love was fulfilled here!.. And, God grant, that the fate of this young patient would be akin to the life of his savior, D. Berardelli, and this soul would never allow illness as a result of a destructive attitude both to its own and to and the body of his brother! In no case should one consider admitted diseases solely as a result of smoking, drunkenness, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual intemperance, etc., etc. All three key categories of diseases should be looked at much more broadly, see everything that happens with the eyes of the soul. Was it a mere coincidence that there was a young man next to the priest, and if an older man who had lived his life had been lying on the nearest bed, what would the compassionate shepherd have done? No one will answer this question ... But in this case, we see that the cause of death from the coronavirus disease D. Berardelli was admitted as a result of the refusal of mechanical ventilation in order to save the life of another. Isn't that a feat?! Who knows, the test for the body, for the soul or for the spirit was, at first glance, a simple coincidence, as a result of which the priest, who served his flock, caught the coronavirus from his own parishioners?! God alone knows! And yet one thing is clear: the body of the priest, crucified on a hospital bed and transferred to a coffin, showed the triumph of the spirit over the flesh and soared into that world, where the soul of the deceased, the faithful Servant of Christ, was received into the open arms of our Lord Almighty! ..

God works in mysterious ways! Both Life and Death can work miracles, unknown to the gaze of mere mortals. What can I say at the end of this conversation with you? Is it that “this cup” called “coronavirus” didn’t pass me too ... As the great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov said: “The enemy must be taken as allies,” and I had no choice but to follow his advice. I “greeted” the viruses that invaded my territory and tried to peacefully resolve the conflict, expressing the idea that I have nothing hostile against the Kingdom of viruses, since the fullness of the tasks assigned to it by the Forces of Evolution remains a mystery to me. And if I already let them in “with home delivery” by not deploying a Filipina at the door, who came to me with “good” intentions to help, but was already with a temperature and only much later said that she had a coronavirus, Is my illness admitted?! And the fact that this woman has a long relationship with me and was in one of my lives my stepmother, whose burden I began to voluntarily share in the last seven years, helping her pay old bills, namely, she infected me, is this not a reason to correlate this disease to the category of karmic! And the fact that for more than thirty years I have been going through the Fiery experience, connected both with the currents of other worlds located outside the Solar system, and with those Kingdoms that are spread on the soils of the earth, underground, as well as aboveground, and all the results are recorded in the annals of the Laboratory, hidden high in the mountains and located within the boundaries of the White Island - does it not allow me to consider my illness, like those mutations that occur in my small microcosm, causing complications, and as a result of other diseases - as sacred?! Everything will serve for the Benefit of Evolution! Therefore, having expressed a note of gratitude to the virus, which once again allowed me to overestimate my inner values and let my whole being feel the thirst for Life, I am ready to “crown” it in my small microcosm, represented by my mortal flesh, which was resurrected once again by acquiring new antibodies. And I hope that many of you, who have been ill, are ill and have not yet met face to face with this formidable adversary, will be able to establish a “settlement agreement” and will manage, as they say, with little bloodshed. And the result will be obvious when we again meet with new, stronger rivals, because the Kingdom of viruses is growing, and here one cannot blame all human hands indiscriminately, because some scientists are busy trying to be one step ahead, creating possible variants of virus mutations. They are also simultaneously developing new drugs in the form of various drugs and vaccines that can defeat the enemy, increasing the arsenal, allowing us to push back the invader at least for a certain period of time, until he, having gathered his strength, attacks us again ... And, God forbid, that all new and the new microscopic "passengers" of comets and asteroids flying nearby, as well as meteorites arriving daily from outer space, were of a peaceful nature. And let not a single speck of cosmic dust allow our small planet to plunge into a global quarantine due to pandemics, whether created by human hands or a number of other, more serious causes, the consequences of which may be reflected in the scale of the Cosmic ones! ..

With a wish of good health to the whole family, manifested by the one Human Race,
Sincerely yours, Zinovia Dushkova

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