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Creators - Create, Architects - design and build

The structure of the Universe is very diverse, and it is impossible to accommodate in the Procrustean bed the entire scale of Knowledge that humanity has been endowed with from the Hour of the Creation of the planet Earth. And yet, many people are still trying to do this by separating from a single whole that which is not yet available to their consciousness. And the levels of consciousness have a very diverse spectrum of sound: from low-frequency to those inexpressible quantities, the "measurement" of which is already the lot of Eternity. A huge number of representatives of other Worlds literally poured into the "firmament" of the earth at the dawn of its inception, having goals both from the lower, where only their own interests were pursued, and to the Higher, aimed at caring for the newborn structure, which they began to cherish and nurture like a child small. So, after the expiration of Time, some civilizations lost interest both in the planet and in its creations in the form of the first people who had a very primitive consciousness, almost akin to an animal.

Mankind matured long and hard, moving towards those landmarks that were more desirable according to their original instincts. And when it came to a standstill, the Earth destroyed its children according to the principle "I gave birth to you, I will kill you." Thus, several “options” changed until the planet realized that this “Sisyphean labor” would not lead to anything good, although in each of its experiments it was possible to single out from one to several individuals who showed the ability to evolve further. From among them, the Titans appeared ... But what about the representatives of other civilizations that remained on Earth? They continued their activities, most often proceeding from their own interests, ignoring the needs of "unreasonable earthlings". The messengers of other Worlds, whom we call the Higher, still did not leave the unreasonable child, but continued to patiently nurture, putting all their strength, love and affection in the hope that humanity will ascend the steps of Evolution and at the end of all Times will stand in the Image and Likeness God's. So, in the process of maturation, humanity was divided in itself, forming, relatively speaking, four categories that gravitated towards those who were more consonant with them in terms of the level of consciousness.

It should be said that each conglomerate seeks to expand its sphere of influence, and here the boundaries were already moving apart not at the level of stony, fertile or other earthly soils, but at the level of human consciousness. Representatives of the Higher Worlds brought to Earth Their Laws, which they sacredly revered, but never “climbed into someone else's monastery with their Charter”, for from time immemorial they revered free will. But when this will was dictated by unreasonable fabrications and threatened to grow to incredible proportions, and, like a cancerous tumor, lead to the death of the planet itself, naturally, the Evolutionary Forces took all measures to preserve life on Earth. Dissolved in the human mass, the Messengers of the Higher Worlds nurtured and replenished their ranks from among those few earthlings who managed to take a giant step, truly, of Cosmic scales — from the Mind to the Heart.

Another category of people expanded their boundaries, going through the most difficult segment of the path, characterized by the completion of the “Personal Battle”, leading to the heights of Spirituality. And in many respects, those who had already practically reached the level of holiness on the Earthly plane served as an example for them. Thus, without blinking a lot of outdated dogmas that still serve as a stumbling block to this day, the seekers of Eternal Purity turned to a righteous life, bringing their strength and means to the Altar of Service to humanity. They have made and continue to make the path leading from man to God, being an example for those who lag behind on the way, while still remaining subject to their base instincts. The soul, aspiring upward, to the peaks of the Transformation of the stars, already finds its Only True Path - the Only Mentor, to Whom it is ready to show loyalty and eventually merge with Him, ascending the steps of Eternity. And also, following the example of the Saint, he can follow the path of chastity in order to transform and transmute his baser instincts, or to find his Only One, and for her - the Only One, which will allow them to merge together, appearing as one luminary in the Sky of Eternity. And for this, it is necessary to make a lot of effort and show heartfelt recognition in order to “not drink” from the first oncoming puddles, where the alluring light of a distant star is reflected! ..

More than three thousand civilizations still live on the Earth plane, the lion's share of which is technocratic. They also nurture their own kind, most often endowing them with artificial intelligence. And I must say that they are more active and successful in recruiting, because quantity is important for them, not quality; and also in terms of expanding its boundaries, since the Earth itself is more technocratic in the essence of its development than other planets in the solar system. And if the previously mentioned two categories can be safely attributed to the Creators Who are Eternal, and, having already become and being gods, they turn Higher and Higher, realizing that the gods have their own Gods, Who Create Worlds of completely different forms, which no longer inhabit people, but gods; then representatives of technocratic civilizations are more “spreading along the horizontal” plane. So, within this category of people there is also its own hierarchy, the lower layer of which is represented by a kind of biorobots with both artificial intelligence and their own developments of consciousness, which is closer to primitive nature. Those who have managed to rise higher and have gained positive qualities begin to help those below, and the top of this pyramid is crowned by those who can be called the Architects of their own Universes, because a higher level of the Demiurges-Builders of the Universe is not yet available to them. And the Great Good, if they do not deny that there are Forces that are higher than them in development. But if the "spirit of superiority" seizes them, then the "technocrats", one might say, cut off the branch on which they sit. Not possessing the highest spiritual triad, they search exclusively on the plane of matter. And spiritualized matter is of the greatest interest to them, since it is durable and can subject their quaternary to a kind of initiation up to the fifth level. And they will be able to live, flowing from body to body, but so far their experiments have not advanced to the field of Spirituality, despite the fact that many of them strive to be closer to Saints and Messengers of Light; and their average lifespan can be in the region of seven hundred years. Despite the fact that a person is mortal, he is immortal if the spiritual triad is his guiding star, leading through life and death. But if we conditionally call the category under consideration "technocrats", then these people will live, mainly guided by the instincts of the animal soul, and promote the multitude of sexual partners as a necessity for "gaining experience with the soul." And those representatives who can take a step from the animal to the human soul will already rise to the level of Architects capable of building a temple, where, perhaps, the spark of his future stellar soul will be born. And the Creators are already there — to help them! God alone knows whether the structure designed by the architect will stand, and whether the quaternary that crowns it with the stellar spirit will endure in the future! ..

And of course, on Earth, the category of those people who belong to the dark, destructive forces, sowing death and destruction, most often triumphed. And here, of course, the entire focus of attention is focused on the level of the Second Sexual Center. And as we know from the philosophy of Hermeticism, every sexual act is the birth of a visible, and most often invisible being, and if it is produced without Love, a demonic essence is born that enslaves a person and forces them to produce their own kind, with the goal of capturing new souls and subjugating them, making suppliers of low-frequency currents. And here already a person is like a fly caught in a web. Representatives of this category have their own hierophants, who have advanced considerably along the path of evil. And we must pay tribute: their intellect is “on top”, they know how to manipulate people very subtly, hiding behind, at first glance, logically constructed phrases. So, despite the fact that they can create numerous movements, organizations, etc. etc., hiding behind high-flown phrases about spirituality, nevertheless, not the heart will rule there, but heartlessness, devouring the life resources of those who blindly believed in them. They also have their own Architects who design and build a kind of house of cards, under which they bury those who "drank them to the bottom." And who needs an empty vessel, especially the shards left from it?! Even they do not need the ruins of decrepit buildings that have served them. This category of people is also numerous, because they can very cleverly set up “mind traps”. A person who first turned towards the stars and wished to develop some superpowers begins to “vibrate” a little differently, since his First Kundalini chakra is included in the process, in which the basic, one might say, inviolable supply of vital energy is stored. And the stronger the aspiration, the more clearly the process manifests when the so-called red serpent Kundalini “raises its head” and rises to two and a half revolutions, giving a powerful impetus for the “awakening” of the Second - the sexual chakra. And here there is literally an explosion of sexual energy that requires application. Someone will be able to cope with it and direct it higher through energy channels, contributing to the transformation of all higher centers in a qualitatively new state, acquiring, as they open up, the ability to clairvoyance, clairaudience and many other superhuman abilities. And this will be the path of vertical advancement, leading to the formation of the God-man. Others, and they are the majority, suddenly decide to use sexual energy “for its intended purpose” and begin to change sexual partners, setting themselves “a noble task: to awaken hearts and souls through sex.” Intoxicated with "success" among many sexual partners, they will not realize that the outbursts of their energies will feed the huge conglomerates of dark forces. By their own will, they will block the movement of currents along the ascending line and will gradually degrade, rolling down the involutionary ladder to the primitive state.

Everyone chooses his own path on this huge training ground, represented by the firmament of the Earth. And God forbid that for someone it would not be like a provincial railway station area, where flocks of shabby dogs are circling, and next to them are homeless people who have descended to an animal state. Let at least a person see himself in the role of a passenger already sitting at the airport waiting for his flight, firmly knowing in which direction he needs to fly. And the main thing is not to condemn those who will not fly with you in the only right direction, because those who will fly around will think that their direction will be the right one ... Someone's liner, of course, can crash, and someone it will certainly survive and once again turn its gaze towards the starry sky, no longer intoxicated by the light of those stars that are reflected in dirty puddles... And then it will be able to design and build its own cosmodrome, and already the Creators of the Universe Will help to realize the most cherished dreams by extending a Helping Hand. So, nothing perishable and base will seduce the gaze of a person who tightly squeezes the palm of his Only One, helping to climb his spaceship, which will lift him along the Only True Path leading to the Only Eternal Creator! ..

And what follows from all of the above? And the fact that it is necessary to show vigilance, understanding that the peak of the confrontation of all forces falls on the time in which we live. And here all means are used by destructive forces, and especially those that are not good. Will anyone believe the dark forces if they do not "flavor" their speech with well-known truths? And as we know from the Messages of the Mahatmas, one of the main tasks of the dark forces is to convince people that "dark forces do not exist." But by reading those books that have been presented in huge numbers lately, even from the most useless one can draw at least one thought that is useful for oneself. And before closing the book you read, think about which of these four categories of people wrote it, and also trace where the roots go - deep into the low-frequency spheres, moving along the path of advancing their base nature, or go up, growing deep into Heaven. Then everything depends on your free will: to follow the Path followed by the Higher Light Forces, moving through life like the Sun, which does not impose anything, but simply by its appearance illuminates all the surrounding spaces, designating the spheres of influence destined for it. And the darkness eventually dissolves, no matter where it hides. And if we can, with all honesty, look into all the hidden corners of our own consciousness and subconsciousness, we will find out which category of people we gravitate towards. Thus, realizing that the base nature of the animal soul still dominates the human one, serving as a stumbling block for the advancement of the stellar spirit, let us not give up on ourselves, but we will see new opportunities, looking around. And sexual promiscuity, no matter what masks it hides behind: polygamy (and if one of the wives wants to be the only one, then this is a man, as a rule, is regarded as selfishness), various circumstances that prevent divorce, but do not prevent spouses from having sexual partners in every way. side, may be the lot of only those who have not yet known true Love. They could not curb their lower nature and, in order to look quite “worthy in their eyes”, they are looking for justification and confirmation of the correctness of their actions in various sources, including books that promote numerous sexual partnerships. And if a person positions himself as a Warrior of Light, a Messenger of the Brotherhood, then in the first place one should look towards the Buddha, Christ and a great many Saints, Whose Path was in no way connected with insinuations below the belt!.. Too many books appeared, where the Path of the Highest Mentors of Humanity is presented as “outdated”, and that They failed, and the person “without hesitation” swallows it all, not bothering to think that a first-grader who has not yet learned the basics of arithmetic would suddenly be called to “insert brains” to professors higher education!.. Where is the logic, where is the common sense?! And what are the “fashionable” chips that have recently been presented as “new revelations” coming from the “Architects of the Universe”: “... the need to have many sexual partners in order to gain experience for the soul” - they are simply absurd, since all these structures presented a loving heart, a divine soul, as well as a stellar spirit, are in completely different spheres of sound and are in no way connected with the genitals. The latter have a higher meaning and significance only in the context when two have merged into one and give birth to a new life, for the child of Love, whether visible or invisible in the form of an Angel, is born into the Light of God. And the one who really loves not in words, but in deeds, will not look for reasons, presenting his inaction in the “noble Light”, but will always find the opportunity to be near, to be with the one whom he loved with all his Heart. The choice is yours, children of the Earth, who managed to become the architects of their small universe, who designed their own temple, which they built in their hearts for the Joy of the True Architects of the Universe, who managed to pave the Way to Cooperation with the Demiurges-Builders of the Higher Worlds! Blessed is everyone who climbs the steps of the Ladder of Evolution through the abyss and gloomy darkness, holding the Light landmark, reaching which he will see other Fire-breathing coils, with which those who have reached the step of the Creator of Eternity will have to ascend!

With love,
Zinovia Dushkova

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