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Whose voice do you hear when you listen to other people's voices, and even to your own voice? Who is behind your voices, as if connecting with an umbilical cord to those spheres to which this or that person is “connected”? Yes, yes, leaving the womb of our mother, losing the umbilical cord connecting us with her, we still retain an invisible connection with those “maternal” spheres from which our spirit came. But are all those living on Earth highly spiritual people? No and again no, unfortunately!.. We are forced to state the fact that most of the fiends of hell live here than the great saints. Alas, this fact is undeniable! And yet there are more and more beautiful people every day, for the thicker the darkness, the brighter the stars, truly! Their voices, bringing peace to our hearts, begin to sound louder and brighter, isn’t it because the silent voice of their guiding star shows them the right path leading to peace and harmony!..

A gigantic table is spread across the planet, on which lies a sacrificial lamb, and billions of people have gathered around for a meal, the majority of whom are trying to snatch a bigger and fattier piece. O God, why are You among them, when so many Judases have multiplied on Earth?! And each of them, for many centuries, tried to get close to You through Your beloved children - in the spirit of half-bloods. The newly-minted Judas tried to drown out the quiet, gentle and timid voices of the Messengers of God with their loud voices that did not tolerate objections. And small, lost souls trustingly listened to the treacherous voices, because out of their thoughtlessness they believed that since this man was sitting next to the Lord and repeating the Words that came from the Savior’s Mouth, this means that this man himself was almost an apostle or an archangel in the flesh. And who knows, if in the hour of betrayal many future apostles had not fled and the shrill voices of the crowd had not chanted “Crucify him!”, maybe history would have turned out completely differently!..

Oh, how many unctuous voices have I heard in my life, how many assurances of fidelity and devotion to me, whether as a child, a girl, a woman or a soul making its own way through thorns to the stars, have been heard over the course of decades! I lost the voices of my father and mother already in early childhood, the voices of betrayed men, and some of those women who began to zealously show “maternal” care, have sunk into oblivion, trying to drown out the Voice of the Mentor of my Fiery Heart with their mentoring voices... They tried to cut off the umbilical cord, connecting my spirit with the Fire-Breathing Aeons of Sophia - the Wisdom of God, and firmly tied to their “worldly wisdom”, which goes into the dark egregors, like conglomerates of a web entangling the planet. And only the silent voice of my Heart, as well as the voices of the Fiery Hearts of people known and unknown to me, who carefully clutched my books to their chests, helped me not to fall into the depths of hell and led me along saving paths leading to the Heavenly World. Of course, all of us, striving towards the Light, must go through part of our path in complete darkness, as if abandoned even by our Guardian Angel, until we begin to discern the silent voice of our own Heart, which is trying to drown out myriads of other people’s voices.

Blessed are those Hearts that carry out the Great Service, both in life and in “death,” for Fiery Hearts are immortal, their silent Voices continue to sound, and what is sound, no matter how vibration! I will quote the words of E. I. Roerich: “...some mantrams are meaningless and contain only sound. Therefore, we see how necessary vibration is. For the same reason, much was not written down, but was transmitted orally. After all, letters without a certain sound do not give a consequence. In addition, the quality of the voice itself is of particular importance. The chest voice can provide more resonance than the external, flat or nasal voice. So not only the melody itself, but the quality of the voice will be significant. I believe that the quality of the voice is now little valued...” (Teaching of Living Ethics. 1936, Aum, 33). Yes, it is vibration that is the component of the umbilical cord, the quality of which will determine with whom this or that person actually belongs: whether he is connected, as if by a silver thread, with the Divine spheres, or, hiding behind the words of the Teachings of Light, connected with the egregors of dark forces. And a person who does not have the quality of recognition, in search of a saving word, can get carried away on a path, which will ultimately lead to death, because not spoken words, but vibrations can introduce dissonance and destruction into the tissue of the heart...

It is necessary to remember about vigilance, and here again I will quote a fragment from the Works of Helena Roerich: “They may ask: how to distinguish a newcomer? Of course, not according to words. Better accept the old way of the East - by the eyes, by the gait and by the voice. The eyes are genuine, the gait and voice, of course, can hide the truth with special skill, but the totality of the entire triad of signs is unmistakable...” (Teaching of Living Ethics. 1926, Community, 190). And here I would like to say that many of those with whom you are not personally acquainted and whose eyes you cannot look into, who voice the books of Helena Ivanovna Roerich, are too far removed from the vibrations that are embedded in her Works. Some of them are like the Guardians of the Threshold blocking access to precisely those vibrational constants that were Given and Inscribed in the Sacred Texts by the Great Lord. Without delving into the topic: who and when was close to the Great Spirits, whether he walked alongside Them, remaining faithful, or served as an inquisitor, I will only say that the Great Lord personally recommended that I and my loved ones read books, and especially copies of manuscripts , turning to the diaries written by Urusvati’s hand, for even through handwriting you can touch with your heart the vibrations of the Heart not only of hers, but also of those that were crystallized by the Lord.

Being in the Kullu Valley, of course, the Lord of my Heart revealed to me a lot about the meaning of different voices and gave me something that was in some way reflected in the texts of many books I wrote down: “It is essential to cleanse speech and bring it to a chaste state. In this way we will be able to come closer to understanding the voice of nature - the Divine Voice. Look back at the words you spoke. They fell like grains, covering your trail. Have bushes of fragrant roses sprung up everywhere, has the path been overgrown with thistles, making the path to you impassable? So with words we pave the way to ourselves. Who will walk along it depends only on us. Cover the path with rose petals, and I will come to you” (Brotherhood. Aboveground Abode. Part I, 1995, India (Kullu, Naggar), December 13, 26). Let me give you another fragment from my books: “Have you ever thought about the properties of your voices?! Why do some people irritate you or make your heart ache with anxiety, while others, on the contrary, bring inexpressible delight?! So divide all the sounds that appear in the world into two parts, adding to the card index of voices into those that are pleasant and unpleasant to you. The voice basically carries many different properties that characterize a given person as an exponent of a certain invisible layer, so to speak, of the niche he occupies in space. And, if he is an exponent and a kind of mouthpiece of the lower layers, he will transmit rough, low-frequency vibrations, cementing the space with them. Thus, on an increasing scale, other voices can be sorted out in the same way as on a descending scale. Peculiar emissaries wage an invisible struggle, using the energies of their own layer as a weapon. They attack their interlocutors, enveloping them in words, as if in nets, from which it is difficult to escape without breaking them, because those who cast them do not catch you in the net in order to release you into freedom. The one entangled by them is already attached, as if by a rope, to the layer from which the recruiters came, equipped with verbal nets. And here the need arises to arm yourself with serious knowledge, which will allow you to unmistakably recognize the belonging to a certain camp of the one who appears before you...” (Brotherhood. Elevated Abode. Part 3, 1997, Russia, Vladivostok, March 13, 554).

Let me give you another fragment: “The art of creating sounds is given to everyone. The pitch of the note generated in the chest depends on you. Sound is color, and color determines light, which, in turn, is a manifestation of energy, the uniqueness of carrier vibrations. Think about the quality of your own voice…” (Teaching of the Heart. 1997-1998, MS, 275). Truly, the sound of the voice determines Light or darkness, because we even pronounce vowels differently, and each of them is associated with a specific chakra of ours, which can set its own low-frequency (sexual) range of vibrations or high heart rate. And here I would like to cite a fragment from the Works of H. P. Blavatsky, where she quotes the words that John says: “And when the seven thunders spoke with their voices... [and] I wanted to write... [but] I heard a voice from heaven, saying to me: Conceal what the seven thunders spoke and do not write it.” So, when in the Pistis Sophia the disciples ask the Teacher Jesus to reveal to them the secrets of His Father’s Light”—that is, the secret of the Higher Self, illuminated through Initiation and Divine Knowledge—Jesus answers: “Are you seeking to penetrate these mysteries? But there is no higher secret than these, which will lead your souls to the Light of Lights, to the region of Truth and Good, to a region where there are no men, no women, no form, but only the eternal, ineffable Light. Therefore, there is nothing more excellent than the secrets into which you seek to penetrate, with the exception of only the secret of the seven Vowels and their forty-nine Powers (emphasized by HPB), as well as their numbers. And there is no name more excellent than all these (Vowels)” [Pistis Sophia] (The Secret Doctrine. 1888, Volume 2, Part II, Archaic Symbolism of the Religions of the World, Section IX, Upanishads in Gnostic Literature).

Let me give you a couple more fragments from the books I wrote down: “The Earthly Firmament is a lists where proteges of all spaces, interested in expanding the boundaries of their own worlds, appear on the stage of Life. Often they unconsciously perform their service to certain spheres, sounding at the frequency of vibrations of the only-begotten worlds. And the Earthly firmament, subject to the Power of the spoken Word, begins to absorb certain currents, depending on the goodness of which it gains healing or exposes itself to a serious illness. The timbre and vibration of the voice is the determining factor by which you can find out whose interests this or that speaking source represents. And let the same words be pronounced, but a heart that has the quality of recognition, of course, will discern the true tonality of the color gamut behind a certain creature...” (The Secret Doctrine of Love. 1999-2000, Vol. I, Part 1, Ch. III). “And, being deafened by the cries and groans of the Earthly World, still listen with all your heart to the Only Voice, sounding higher and higher with every moment. Yes, at least once having heard the Voice of God, you will never be able to cling to another source, for by the Grace of the currents your souls overshadowed will never break the thread that connects the umbilical cord of Fire with the Heavenly World. In every earthly sound, may the Voice of God rise, woven with the height and purity of the currents of Most Pure Love. And may the Song of the Ecumenical Songs triumph, from the Fiery Heart of the All-Loving Creator, Exuded into the spheres, engulfed in the all-creating Flame. Hallelujah to You, O Singer of Eternity! Hallelujah to every unspeakable Word as well as to the spoken! Hallelujah to the Divine Note of Love! Hallelujah to you, who sing the Praise of the inexhaustible, life-giving Power of the Voice of God! May the World, newborn by the Power of Your Word, be blessed for ever and ever, truly! Amen" (Fire Bible. 1999, Book Two, Part II, I. Voice of God).

The ways of the Lord are inscrutable!.. Several years ago, the Lord of my Heart Said that while I am alive, it is I who must voice what was written down by me, Giving me exclusive copyright on those Gifts that were Given by the Hierarchy of Light. So, in the audio recording there is already “Tales for the Messiah, “The Book of Proverbs”, in the recording studio I voiced the “Book of Secret Wisdom”, which was published by AST Publishing House. I also voiced the poetry collection “The Cosmos Speaks in Poems,” which is now in the stage of musical arrangement by the composer who wrote and provided the musical accompaniment to the “Book of Proverbs,” voiced in English. By the way, some readers sent me what they wrote down, for example, a young man from Siberia voiced my books for his blind mother. And I must say that I never forbade making voice acting so that people could use it for themselves or among their family and friends, but not expose it more widely. And the reason here, of course, is not the professionalism of the reader and his decency as a person, but the fact that the Record of the “Teaching of the Heart,” like other Sacred texts, was accompanied by Fiery Experience, which was monitored at the level of the Aboveground Laboratories. None of these people were on those deserted mountain heights, where I was in solitude for months, and wrote down the texts of books... Moreover, I was always embarrassed by my voice, and yet I am called to fulfill the Will of the Lord, following the Law of Expediency, as well as the Hierarchical necessary. Many, when they read books, even in translation, say that it is as if they hear my voice - I read to them... And as one of the spiritual leaders in France says, “... these books, even if you don’t understand them, are already influencing cellular level." Of course, a voice is a combination of certain vibrations, and the currents of Eternal Youth, which were received by me, as well as many others, so far no one can reproduce. And the Lords of Karma will record not the information that has been deposited at the level of mental bodies, but exactly what is happening in human hearts at their deep cellular level. However, it is impossible to describe in a nutshell the truly Universal scale of the research that is being carried out in the Laboratories of the Stronghold of Light, which, along with other research, is also going on in the field of studying the vibrational constants of human voices, the bearers of which are both the servants of darkness and those who block the “voice” war” with his pure heartfelt voice for the benefit of the fastest Evolution of Humanity.

Lately, too many dissonant, destructive voices have begun to sound, and, realizing the need for a wider sowing of the Fires crystallized in the books Given by the Hierarchy of Light, I am called upon to fulfill the Will of the Lord, for my will is merged with His Higher Will, and as far as I have enough strength and means - to voice what was written down by my hand. By the way, some of my readers have repeatedly asked me to voice some texts. Unfortunately, there is not always time and means to complete this work, and yet this summer I recorded the first three audiobooks of “Teaching of the Heart” in a recording studio. Soon you will be able to listen to the first of them. In this regard, I would like to remind you that the Teachings of Light do not listen “to bedtime” in order to “relax and fall into slumber.” No, my dear brothers and sisters! I understand perfectly well that many of you have a busy day with work and only in the evening can you find time for yourself, for your soul. Therefore, I would advise at any convenient time, and if it appears only before going to bed, to sit in the lotus position for at least a few minutes or get comfortable and turn on the audio recording: turn towards the Heavenly World, expressing a desire, having fallen into sleep, get up to Serve the Forces of Good, who are in battle day and night! And tune in to the voice... Yes, yes, yes, it is so: “You hear the Voice of Maitreya, sounding between the lines. You feel Sophia’s voice voiced in the lines of “Teachings of the Heart”. Hear the voice of your own Hearts, merging with the voices of the entire Angelic Hierarchy, helping the birth of new sounds on your Earth. Feel all the greatness of the sound of the Voice of Eternity and rush with a trembling spirit towards the Breath of New Life...” (Teaching of the Heart. 1997-1998, Flowers of Maitreya’s Garden Sun of Love, 185).

I will say more: during the recording of the “Teaching of the Heart”, the Rays of some planets and constellations were refracted through all my Subtle Guides, and mainly through the Heart, because the “geoposition”, as well as the energy components of the Cosmic bodies, have changed significantly in recent times. The Fire poured out continuously, and it must be said that just as it hurts after you have burned a part of your body, it is also incredibly painful when the invisible Fire flowing along the nerve fibers incinerates most of them, causing inflammation of the mucous membranes of all internal organs, with Thin-plane Guides also suffer from this, experiencing inhuman pain... Of course, when a person puts literally “the blood of his Heart” into his words, trying with all his might to maintain the height of his voice, despite pain and fatigue, it may be unpleasant for him when he hears about that , that his audio recording is listened to on the go, while washing dishes or sitting behind the wheel, amid the hum and roar around, when the lion's share of attention goes to the road... Of course, I would really like for a dialogue to take place between Hearts, when all attention is focused on that , which pours out from Above, and one can hear the beating of the Hearts of the author and the reader, echoing each other... Why do we need intermediaries from other people’s voices? I would prefer to be alone with each of you, so that through my voice you can feel the breath of Eternity and those Voices that echo the beating of the Heart of Infinity. But these are dreams!.. Oh, how happy I would be to hear the living voices of my Sisters, who, having fulfilled their Duty on Earth, returned to their Father’s House! I don’t want their voices, carrying the Note of the Great Feminine Principle, to be replaced by someone else. And if we do not have this opportunity, then we can listen to them with sensitive ears of the heart through the lines and what is captured between the lines in their numerous Works. With all my Heart I wish to feel the beating of their hearts, burning in the name of bringing the Kingdom of Eternal Light closer in this vale of sorrows and sorrows. Hold the book to your chest and be alone with them to feel the note of the sound of their Sacrificial Hearts. And may we escape the fate of listening to the voices of heartless people, in which, of course, the necessary information sounds, but it can remain on the shelves of memory only until the onset of senile dementia - an unexpected visit from Alzheimer and will finally disappear at the hour of death, when the mental body disintegrates, unable to transform into a qualitatively different state. Only what resonates at the level of the Fiery Heart will be crystallized in the Chalice and will allow us to ascend above those Heights from which our stellar spirit descended.

And lastly, my dear ones, when touching the texts crowned with Divine Wisdom, remember that “...Sophia is not mental even when her Mental body manifests itself on the Earthly Plane in full measure... Let the voice of each Heart be woven into a single choir of Angelic voices, Those who sing the glory of My Mother on the Earthly plane, and may it be so forever and ever!” (Gospel of Sophia - the Power and Wisdom of God. 1999, Chapter XVIII).

With Love to you, Zinovya Dushkova

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