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  • New e-book «Revelations of the Sun»

    Dear reader, We present to your attention the e-book «Revelations of the Sun», which was written on the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, during the author's trip to Darjeeling. Despite the fact that the book touches upon сosmic processes covered from the position of the Sun-Moon relationship, each of you can get knowledge that will be useful in your everyday life. Another secret page in the history of the development of Mankind is revealed here, in the rays of the Sun and the Moon, which have the most powerful effect not only on the physical body, but also on the souls of those who are paving the way to their stellar Future. Get your copy here! Or:

  • The Book of Parables is now available in English

    Hello, readers! I draw your attention to the Book of Parables that is available on my website as well as on Amazon. The Great Wisdom of Shambhala is lovely because you can read the same text throughout your life and each time, depending on your inner state and the number of years you have lived, you will learn ever-newer truths and wise counsel that will benefit not only you personally but also your kin and close spiritual associates. Bless your spirits for ascending the Ladder of Evolution to the impassable heights of the Divine Spirit's accomplishments. And may you find these sage sayings from Shambhala useful as you travel the Bright Path! With Love, Zinovya Dushkova. You can buy the book on Zinovya Dushkova's website: Amazon:

  • Happy White Lotus Day!

    (The post was published in the Russian version on March 8, 2023) The ways of the Lord are inscrutable, just as the path of each of us is inscrutable… Mysterious and incomprehensible are the lives of those who have dedicated all their strength, both mental and physical, to the Service of the Hierarchy of Light. Slandered and torn to pieces by those to whom they brought the saving light of knowledge and heartfelt Love, they continue to look from the Faces of icons or ordinary photographs, silently testifying that they invisibly continue their Path among the vale of sorrows and sorrows ... Today, on May 8, except for those who is glorified in numerous churches, kneeling before icons, I would like to fall on my knees and bow my head before the usual image of the great Russian woman Helena Blavatsky, who left this world many years ago ... The secret knowledge that she bestowed on us continues to pave a difficult path among thorny human minds. Yes, the Path of Love and Compassion is complicated! Someone still has not woken up from “unconsciousness”, and for more than two thousand years, as before, he believes that “there was some kind of carpenter, either a self-proclaimed king of the Jews, or a criminal crucified between a swindler and a robber” ... And someone built temples for the last two thousand years, was crucified on crosses, like Jesus Christ, was torn to pieces by wild animals, died in inquisitorial dungeons or was burned at the stake. The traitors have become more sophisticated, they have replaced their medieval instruments of torture with lies and slander. But the true Ascetics of Light became stronger and grew in spirit, hardening their hearts in the centuries-old battles. And today the ranks of admirers and followers of the Messengers and Servants of God are expanding! Bow to you - Sister of the Great Brotherhood of Light! Truly, you personify the Symbol of the White Lotus: the flesh that has known immersion in the mud of base false inventions of human beings; a soul, like a stalk stretching upwards, overcoming the tenacious hands of traitors; and the spirit that made its way over the deadly surface of the swampy waters of Samsara - revealed itself with chastely pure snow-white petals of a marvelous lotus ... You have passed your Golgotha, Righteous Sister, and may your Path at the right hand of our Lord God be blessed in the ages of eternity! Amen.

  • Christ is Risen!

    I congratulate you on the Great Holiday, my dear brothers and sisters! For true Christians, there is an opportunity to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord twice, and for someone He will Resurrect on another day, when the human heart feels thirsty in the Lighter and Higher currents of Divine Love. And let not only every Sunday, but every morning, together with the rising Sun, the Greatest Image of Christ the Savior Rise in our chest, giving liberation from the heavy fetters of the earth. On a good Path, children of the Sun, children of God, Resurrected in our hearts! With love, Zinovya Dushkova.

  • With the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos!

    The Archangel Brought the Good News From deep space distances. The Word of God to the Heart Conveyed: They bequeathed the Virgin to give birth to a Son! .. All the Worlds have laid gifts, Inmost God's Hope On the hearts of all-good altars, Laying the Path of Love… Ignorant! - How did you deal with your God?! The Supreme Judgment is coming! And everywhere Frozen in the dock Those who judged God on Earth... You are a bestial, cruel "law" Lawlessness has been done for centuries, But forgiveness granted by God, Do you deserve forgiveness in your hearts? .. Look into the depths of your hearts again, Did the Seed of Love grow there?! And admire the Archangels' Gaze Reflected by the light of the stars... In the blood! Again, all spheres are drowned in blood, Like thousands of thousands of centuries... Is there really so little faith in you, To meet Love with respect ?! May all the Angels of Heaven today And the Archangels of God will descend And Give all women Light Good News, so that they take up the Work: God's tribe to grow in these lands And like Saint Mary, Listening to the voice of the Higher Heart with all, Sharing their unearthly path... And there will be no Golgotha on the planet, For God's Judge is Just - He will award: to answer with love To all who judge by the Law of Love!

  • NEW ELECTRONIC BOOK "MYSTERY OF CHRIST" (Foreword by Z. V. Dushkova)

    On the eve of the Bright Feast of Easter and the Resurrection of Christ, the site published an extraordinary book in its content and spiritual content by the Great Initiate Thales the Argivian "The Mystery of Christ" (Apocryphal Epistles). For the first time, the preface to this book - as a revelation and a half-discovery of the Secrets of the Cosmic - was provided to the seeking reader by the writer and philosopher Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova, the author of several dozen spiritual and philosophical books, generally recognized as placing her among the leading spiritual leaders of mankind. The publication of the next book is expected soon - "The Mystery of Christ - The Mystery of Sophia", which covers the events of the end of the past and the beginning of this century, as well as - going beyond the Time and Space outlined by the Solar system - in worlds where the Spirit of Christ was expected not alone Golgotha ... Subsequently, the third part of the Records will be given, that in general with the book "The Mystery of Christ" they will add up a single triplets, - a kind of Sacred Triptych, - revealing to the reader's gaze the pictures of the past, which were and always will be available only to the gaze of the Great Initiates, one of which Thales the Argive is also. The book can be purchased here: or write to the email address The German translation of the book is currently available for purchase. And the English version is already being prepared for publication.

  • Congratulations to Z. V. Dushkova on Teacher's Day

    With gratitude, we publish the Greeting for Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova, sent on Teacher's Day by Tamara (group "Lada") from the village of Baevo, Altai Territory: Flashing days after days Years flow like a river But in the heart of the Starfire Never goes out. And if suddenly the earth The vanity will swirl We immediately remember What is in the world Who with all his life Gives an example of love Whose Bright Fatherland Among the heavenly spheres. But to us in the earthly vale She came down from heaven To touch hearts And in them the Fire has risen. And every step now We dedicate to you! Without you in the hearts of the desert, And with you - God's Temple.

  • Happy Spiritual Master's Day!

    With reverence I kneel before the Hierarchy of Light, and again and again I lay my heart on the Altar of Service to You, Lord of my heart. May Your Path be blessed in the ages of eternity, and may the Flame of Your Heart be sacredly revered by every person who has touched Your Word, besieged in Your Gifts. Eternal Glory to Thee, All-Wise Mentor, with great Patience and Love Awakening human hearts!.. Amen.

  • March 12, 2023

    February 24, 391 AD the sacred fire of the Goddess Vesta was extinguished, which, according to some historical evidence, burned in the Roman Empire in 1144 ... On March 12, 2023, the sacred fire was lit again thanks to the many years of efforts of those organizations that continued to sacredly revere the ancient traditions of their people, for Vesta was a symbol of unity that united all the inhabitants of Rome into one family, regardless of their status. The Romans believed that as long as the fire of the Goddess burned in her temple and ancient relics were kept, Rome would remain strong and great. This circumstance was of great national importance. The eternal fire of Rome, which was looked after by six vestals, burns again, attracting the invisible Divine Flame. The element of Fire is moving wider and wider across the world, bringing both the Gift of Purification and serving as an instrument of Cosmic Justice. And may the Holy Fire be blessed, giving us all eternal peace and the universal all-healing Flame of Brotherly Love! We are a single family that was raised by the Single Mother Earth, and God grant that we all maintain the sacred Fire in our hearts. And may it be unquenchable forever and ever! Amen. With Love, Zinovya Dushkova

  • Day 8 March

    (The post was published in Russian version March 8, 2023) Life awakens with spring, and the Sun shines brighter... For me, a woman is associated with spring, which in its essence, in its womb, is the bearer of the Grain of Life... The Universe has its own Seasons, and the Sacred Spring has already arrived! Dear Women, wake up and, like the morning dawn, rise on the horizon of your own life. And may each of you shine like the Sun at its zenith, enveloping this suffering world with the long-awaited healing Light and warmth of the soul. Blessed are the Hearts of all the Women of the world who are approaching the day when we all stand as one Spiritual Family before the Eyes of our One Heavenly Father. And may the Grace of Divine Love be fully known to each of you, my good Sisters! With love, Zinovia Dushkova

  • Birthday of Helena Ivanovna Roerich!

    (The post was published in Russian version 12 Feb 2023) Happy Birthday to the great woman Helena Ivanovna Roerich, who endowed our world with the Word of Truth of unearthly Beauty, enveloping us with currents of philanthropy that saved and continue to save people from ignorance and misanthropy. Blessed are all true followers of the Teaching of Living Ethics, who take in the Gifts of the Hierarchy of Light with their trembling Heart!

  • Valentine's Day

    (The post was published in Russian version 14 Feb 2023) The 14th of February… Should we remember Love today, on St. Valentine's Day, or on July 8 - the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, associated with the names of Saints Peter and Fevronia - everyone decides for himself ... As for me, I dream of that such times will come when every day we will remember Love, revere it sacredly, and call into our hearts, which will remain faithful to their chosen ones. And may no one ever know betrayal on the part of the one to whom he opened his soul, and peace and harmony will reign in a single family named Humanity. Let Love rise again and scatter against it! Amen.

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