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Congratulations to Z. V. Dushkova on Teacher's Day

With gratitude, we publish the Greeting for Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova, sent on Teacher's Day by Tamara (group "Lada") from the village of Baevo, Altai Territory:

Flashing days after days

Years flow like a river

But in the heart of the Starfire

Never goes out.

And if suddenly the earth

The vanity will swirl

We immediately remember

What is in the world

Who with all his life

Gives an example of love

Whose Bright Fatherland

Among the heavenly spheres.

But to us in the earthly vale

She came down from heaven

To touch hearts

And in them the Fire has risen.

And every step now

We dedicate to you!

Without you in the hearts of the desert,

And with you - God's Temple.

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