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Day 8 March

(The post was published in Russian version March 8, 2023)

Life awakens with spring, and the Sun shines brighter... For me, a woman is associated with spring, which in its essence, in its womb, is the bearer of the Grain of Life...

The Universe has its own Seasons, and the Sacred Spring has already arrived! Dear Women, wake up and, like the morning dawn, rise on the horizon of your own life. And may each of you shine like the Sun at its zenith, enveloping this suffering world with the long-awaited healing Light and warmth of the soul. Blessed are the Hearts of all the Women of the world who are approaching the day when we all stand as one Spiritual Family before the Eyes of our One Heavenly Father.

And may the Grace of Divine Love be fully known to each of you, my good Sisters!

With love,

Zinovia Dushkova

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