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Happy White Lotus Day!

(The post was published in the Russian version on March 8, 2023)

The ways of the Lord are inscrutable, just as the path of each of us is inscrutable… Mysterious and incomprehensible are the lives of those who have dedicated all their strength, both mental and physical, to the Service of the Hierarchy of Light. Slandered and torn to pieces by those to whom they brought the saving light of knowledge and heartfelt Love, they continue to look from the Faces of icons or ordinary photographs, silently testifying that they invisibly continue their Path among the vale of sorrows and sorrows ... Today, on May 8, except for those who is glorified in numerous churches, kneeling before icons, I would like to fall on my knees and bow my head before the usual image of the great Russian woman Helena Blavatsky, who left this world many years ago ... The secret knowledge that she bestowed on us continues to pave a difficult path among thorny human minds. Yes, the Path of Love and Compassion is complicated! Someone still has not woken up from “unconsciousness”, and for more than two thousand years, as before, he believes that “there was some kind of carpenter, either a self-proclaimed king of the Jews, or a criminal crucified between a swindler and a robber” ... And someone built temples for the last two thousand years, was crucified on crosses, like Jesus Christ, was torn to pieces by wild animals, died in inquisitorial dungeons or was burned at the stake. The traitors have become more sophisticated, they have replaced their medieval instruments of torture with lies and slander. But the true Ascetics of Light became stronger and grew in spirit, hardening their hearts in the centuries-old battles. And today the ranks of admirers and followers of the Messengers and Servants of God are expanding! Bow to you - Sister of the Great Brotherhood of Light! Truly, you personify the Symbol of the White Lotus: the flesh that has known immersion in the mud of base false inventions of human beings; a soul, like a stalk stretching upwards, overcoming the tenacious hands of traitors; and the spirit that made its way over the deadly surface of the swampy waters of Samsara - revealed itself with chastely pure snow-white petals of a marvelous lotus ... You have passed your Golgotha, Righteous Sister, and may your Path at the right hand of our Lord God be blessed in the ages of eternity! Amen.

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