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With the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos!

The Archangel Brought the Good News

From deep space distances.

The Word of God to the Heart Conveyed:

They bequeathed the Virgin to give birth to a Son! ..

All the Worlds have laid gifts,

Inmost God's Hope

On the hearts of all-good altars,

Laying the Path of Love… Ignorant! -

How did you deal with your God?!

The Supreme Judgment is coming! And everywhere

Frozen in the dock

Those who judged God on Earth...

You are a bestial, cruel "law"

Lawlessness has been done for centuries,

But forgiveness granted by God,

Do you deserve forgiveness in your hearts? ..

Look into the depths of your hearts again,

Did the Seed of Love grow there?!

And admire the Archangels' Gaze

Reflected by the light of the stars... In the blood!

Again, all spheres are drowned in blood,

Like thousands of thousands of centuries...

Is there really so little faith in you,

To meet Love with respect ?!

May all the Angels of Heaven today

And the Archangels of God will descend

And Give all women Light

Good News, so that they take up the Work:

God's tribe to grow in these lands

And like Saint Mary,

Listening to the voice of the Higher Heart with all,

Sharing their unearthly path...

And there will be no Golgotha on the planet,

For God's Judge is Just -

He will award: to answer with love

To all who judge by the Law of Love!

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