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  • European "Yellowstone" in Italy

    Yesterday, May 22, 2024, I received a question from a reader in America regarding the latest tremors coming from Campi Flegrei in Italy: is there a danger due to the awakening of this supervolcano? Some people living in different parts of the planet are understandably anxious, because they perceive the Earth as a Single Organism. A person who has lost one of their paired organs can continue to live, but if it is a vital organ, then death becomes inevitable. This applies not only to people, but also to individual geographical places on our planet, some which may represent a vital organ. The Italian press writes about dozens of tremors that have occurred in recent days. On May 20, an earthquake occurred in the Campi Flegrei area, with a magnitude of 3.6, recorded by INGV at a depth of 4 kilometers. Tremors were felt on the upper floors in various areas of Naples and in the municipalities closest to the area affected by the Phlegrean bradyseism. This is the second night of horror, with dozens of people on the streets evacuated after the strong 4.4-magnitude tremor that followed on Monday evening. A total of 46 families were evicted from 27 houses. The women's prison in Pozzuoli, where 138 prisoners were held, was also evacuated. An Inter–Ministerial Summit, chaired by Georgian Prime Minister Meloni, on the situation at Campi Flegrei was urgently planned. Twenty–two years ago, I was in Japan and climbed Mount Fuji, where I had a Communication with my Spiritual Mentor. Here, before my eyes, the Energy Map of all the volcanoes of the world was revealed. One of the most powerful triangles was Fuji (stratovolcano in Japan) — Etna (stratovolcano in Italy) — Yellowstone (supervolcano in the USA). They are connected by powerful invisible bonds that are rooted in the depths where the Underground Fire rages. The awakening of another volcano, with which they have an indissoluble connection, depends on each of them. Moreover, each of these points gives an impulse to other volcanoes, and it’s as if streams of fiery lava are running through living arteries. Of course, it is, I would say, an eerie sight — to see the entire planet shrouded in a network of volcanoes, which, so to speak, cooperate with each other. And at some point they are able to create their own coalition in order to rush to this or that place where, in human terms, people have already confused the shores… a volcanic eruption is most often accompanied by a tsunami, because all the visible and Invisible Elements are also in the process of active interaction... It must be said that Etna is also inextricably linked with a network of other volcanoes, for example, with Vesuvius, which destroyed the Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii. I was in the latter several years ago, and by the evening all members of my family felt the thickening of the shadows, anxiety began to grow, and we hastened to leave this city, where the half–disintegrated shells of the dead still wander, waiting for new victims. Interestingly, the most dangerous thing is not this one union, but one that exists between Etna and that volcanic region that is only ten kilometers from densely populated Naples — Campi Flegrei. 40 thousand years ago, a mega–eruption occurred here and a layer of ash covered Europe within 1.1 million square kilometers. This was comparable to the consequences of a nuclear bombing with all the ensuing consequences for wildlife. And after 12-15 thousand years, Campi Flegrei erupted again. Despite the fact that it was less powerful, — due to the increased sulfur content, the air temperature dropped by 5-10 degrees, which led to the death of many animal populations in Europe. The next activity was recorded in 1538, resulting in the formation of the Monte Nuovo volcanic cone. Scientific research in recent years shows that the magma that makes up Monte Nuovo is very close in composition to the rocks that were released in the initial stages of previous supereruptions. Scientists believe that magma is accumulating, as well as an increase in gas pressure. It would seem that the danger has passed, but the apparent external peace does not mean we can relax. Campi Flegrei raised alarms in 1970 and 1983: residents of the central part of Pozzuoli suddenly felt that they had risen up along with their home, and then began to descend, as a result of which an urgent evacuation of the townspeople followed. One of 24 craters and volcanic rises in the Campi Flegrei region, the Solfatara volcano appeared about 4 thousand years ago and is located near the city of Pozzuoli. At times it continues to emit underground gases, but the inhabitants of this city somehow still managed to remain relatively calm about their future. The same cannot be said about the last few days, because panic is already visible... If we turn to the myths of the ancient Greeks, we can learn that it was within the Solfatara crater that Vulcan, the god of fire, lived. The very name “Phlegrean Fields” is taken from ancient mythology and is translated as “scorched lands” — that was the name of the place where the gods, led by Zeus, defeated the Titans. The location is quite suitable for epic battles, since the volcanic caldera occupies an area of ​​about 100 square kilometers. Yellowstone, hidden underground, is much larger, covering an area of ​​4,000 square kilometers, which is four times larger than New York, twice the size of Tokyo, and one and a half times larger than Moscow. Although the Campi Flegrei caldera is mostly under water, danger threatens not only the adjacent European territories, but also other lands. Invisible underground magmatic processes are causing growing concern not only among volcanologists in Italy, but throughout the world. Undoubtedly, Campi Flegrei will awaken, and this threatens disaster for all of Humanity. The danger of a new mega-eruption increases day by day. According to a study by volcanologist Francesco Forni and his colleagues, Campi Flegrei “may be on the verge of another major eruption.” Based on their analysis of rock samples, they came to the conclusion that the supervolcano has entered a new cycle of activity, and magma is being “recharged” in its depths. Of course, no one knows when a new eruption will occur and how catastrophic it may be. If it happened today, the one and a half million people of Naples would be destroyed first. And not only Europe, but also the western part of Russia, which geographically belongs to Europe, would be filled with particles of sulfur, poisoning all living things not only in the air, but also in the bowels of the earth. Every year, visiting the Phlegrean Fields becomes more and more dangerous for humans. In 2017, an Italian family, together with their eleven–year–old son, decided to visit these places, and all three - the boy and his parents — died, falling into a deep hole, since in some places there is a very thin layer of soil. Unfortunately, there was no one to save them, but after this incident, the Italian authorities strengthened security measures. Is it possible for humans to tame the most powerful barrage of elements, if they themselves constantly snow storms and reap hurricanes?! Of course, their number would not have grown at such a rapid pace if Humanity had appeared as a single monolithic force establishing peace and fraternal relations throughout the planet. And if people do not come to their senses, then all the Elemental Forces, having united into a single coalition of unprecedented power, will simply sweep away entire cities, countries and even continents from the face of the planet. If the Forces of Light had not restrained the unprecedented counterattacks of the visible and Invisible Elements on this planet, mired in fratricidal wars, it would have long ago been crumbled into dust and scattered in the form of cosmic dust. They still retain Faith in the Bright future of Humanity! So, Employees of the Higher Powers are sent to the most dangerous places, and as they say in the East: the presence of one saint can save an entire area. The last few years have shown that Italy needs help more than ever, since it is a seismically vulnerable country, like Japan and some other regions of the planet. Of course, help is provided where it is karmically permissible. I have been visiting Italy for more than twenty years, and since 2020 I have been here almost constantly. It has survived more than one earthquake here, and others are on the way... The last thing I would like to say is this: Supreme Help, as always, can be provided to all countries and people, but only fifty percent. There has to be a Higher Expediency in it, dictated by Cosmospatial reasons that are inaccessible to the understanding of the human mind. The rest must be borne on the shoulders of humanity and paid off with the karmic debts of those who have committed not only a lot of sins, but also grave crimes against the Laws approved by Divine Evolution for this long-suffering and defenseless small planet Earth, dotted with a network of awakening “Doomsday Volcanoes”. Zinovya Dushkova

  • Happy Birthday to Helena Ivanovna Roerich!

    Happy Birthday to Helena Ivanovna Roerich, I congratulate all followers walking in the footsteps of this greatest Collaborator of the Hierarchy of Light! And may She serve as an unquenchable Beacon for every soul who has chosen the Path of Serving the Luminous Mentors of Humanity in the name of increasing Light, Love and Goodness in the world! I wish each of you to find peace and great peace in your hearts, realizing that no one is strong against the Light! - He is the Winner forever and ever! Amen. With Love Zinovya Dushkova


    Perhaps it’s time for people to think about what price great saints, unknown ascetics and, in general, all those who follow the Path of Light pay. I'm not even talking about the Greatest Mentors of Humanity and the Messengers of the Higher Divine Worlds, Who, in response to their Priceless Gifts, only expected persecution, torture, fires, crucifixions and other fanaticities that ungrateful, heartless “little men” were capable of, who acted worse than animals, organizing from executions “show”... I remember my first visit to Sai Baba’s ashram in Puttaparthi, when in response to my thought: “Why do you have to go through a metal detector, isn’t a saint able to protect himself?”, the thought came: “This is not necessary for Sathya Sai , and people who are long overdue to realize that they need to protect their saints!” Isn’t it too great a price to pay the price of your Righteous life to the Sons and Daughters of Light, Who to this day saturate this suffering world with wise knowledge and saving currents flowing from their Sacrificial Hearts?! Let everyone answer these questions for themselves and, looking into the endless Heavens, try to see all the greatness of countless worlds that live in peace and harmony with each other and for billions of years have been trying to heal our small planet, which is seen like a clot of a cancerous tumor. Hand on heart, answer yourself, good people, are you on the path with the Forces of Light, and if you have already positioned yourself as a person who wants to share the heavy Burden of Brotherhood, then follow Their Holy examples as far as it is in your power. How many orphans appear every hour as a result of fratricidal wars, how many mutilated bodies, mutilated destinies, mental disorders when the human brain is not able to cope with the troubles and misfortunes that befall it! The world is literally groaning in pain, tearing apart all the surrounding spaces, and here it is very important to show your voice, blocking the howl of animals... Now I suddenly remembered an actor I know from France, who for several years now, being retired, has been traveling in his trailer to different countries and, sitting near the walls of the temples, he reads aloud the “Fire Bible,” translated into French. Of course, I do not ask anyone to read the books I have written down or listen to the works I have voiced. Only the free will of a person and the need of his star soul can suggest what he can do here and now so that Peace and Prosperity will finally triumph in this suffering world. So my voice is woven into the Chorus of Heartfelt voices that sound throughout the planet, speaking out against wars and violence. Regardless of the religion of individual countries and peoples, they serve in the name of affirming the Melody of Life, which is still extruded by the Voice of the Earth, permeated with the blood of its sons and daughters... The planet yearns for transformation, and why don’t each of us contribute to the revival of the Garden of Eden in the bosom of long-suffering soils ?! We are one family called Humanity! How many orphanages, as well as nursing homes, lonely disabled people abandoned in cold houses or dying of hunger and cold on the streets! Most of all, I feel sorry for the little defenseless children who have experienced cruelty and violence from adults, because I myself, one might say, have been in their shoes. Of course, someone might think, as, however, I heard rumors that I live “in chocolate.” Yes, chocolate was around, literally and figuratively, until my loving father died when I was only three years old. He dreamed that I would eat expensive chocolates, but I perceived them as toy soap, and preferred cheap caramels to eat... Unfortunately, later, neither in childhood, nor in adolescence, nor during my short marriage, life did not immerse me “in chocolate". And perhaps fortunately, since it was much easier for me to part with my past life, where cruelty and violence reigned. Thus, after a divorce, forty years ago, I began to form a different life, alone, making my way through the thorns to the stars. And thank God that now my Path is shared by my brothers, who are becoming more numerous on the Earthly plane, regardless of their nationalities and countries of residence. And although their voices sound in different dialects, nevertheless we understand each other, for we speak the same Language of the Heart! And the last thing I would like to tell you, my dear brothers and sisters: some of you periodically asked me to voice books, and more requests were for audio recordings of poems. Of course, I dreamed of adding music to the poems, but, unfortunately, the composers asked for considerable sums, which I did not have. And could those who are focused on the financial side of the issue hear the melody that can accompany the Gift from Above. And thank God that good friends have appeared with whom we are on the same path, and for them what is important is not what is Caesar’s, but what is God’s! Therefore, I am happy to announce that an audio collection “In Poems the Cosmos Speaks” will soon appear, which will have a worthy musical accompaniment. The second audiobook “Teaching of the Heart” will also be presented to your attention. And here I would like to be very frank with you, because some people have a question about the cost, which they would like to see much lower. As you know, this year I turned seventy years old, I have long been retired, which now amounts to ten thousand rubles (one hundred euros), more than half of which goes to pay for utilities. Not to mention the fact that almost the entire amount from sales for three decades ended up in the pockets of other people’s “publishers,” who paid me pennies, usurping the rights to my works. Tell me, what could I publish or record without advance payments or occasional kind help from any of you, since in recent years I have been deprived of even a penny of royalties? I am eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to the promotion of the Gifts of the Hierarchy of Light! And, being extremely frank, I will say that for the first book, even less than ten percent of the amount that was paid at the recording studio for the reproduction of just one book was received. Some are interested in the price of the second audiobook: will it cost the same and will the next ones be voiced... I once dreamed that I would give away my books for free, many people leave; She also wanted to create public libraries and used her last money to buy books. About thirty years ago I bought a Bible with illustrations to Dora, giving my entire salary, but a woman who could afford to buy ten similar books immediately asked me to look at it, promising to give it back the next day, but to this day she has not returned it. And this happened not only with this book. As a rule, what is received for free is most often not valued... And my sons, when they were still schoolchildren, went to unload wagons in order to earn our bread, but that’s another story... I’m always ready to share with you what I own, if you You really don’t have the opportunity to pay the indicated price and purchase something that is PRICELESS for you! With Love to you, Zinovya Dushkova

  • Start of filming of the film "The Way of the Human Heart"

    My dear brothers and sisters, I want to share with you one more good news: You see a photo that was taken at the end of August this year against the backdrop of the Holy Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius in Sergiev Posad. It was at this place that we began filming the film “The Path of the Human Heart,” which also took place on the territory of the monastery. And in September we continued filming the film at the Holy Trinity Seraphim-Diveevsky Convent in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Further filming was carried out in the St. Sophia Cathedral of Veliky Novgorod, St. George's Cathedral on the territory of the St. George's Monastery. And they were completed in the Varlaam-Khutyn Spaso-Preobrazhensky Convent on the Holy Hill with the chapel of Varlaam Khutynsky... But this is only the beginning, my dears, for the Path of the Human Heart is laid throughout our long-suffering planet, among different countries and peoples. The heart has no nationality, it can beat for the Glory of the One Whose Image is revered by it above all else in the world and freeze in reverence before the Divine Images of Christ or Buddha, Muhammad or Krishna, the Great Apostles and Prophets, all the saints and many other known and unknown simple ones people Whose Hearts were placed on the Altar of Service to the Consistent Creator, Whose Name is LOVE!

  • Whose voice do you hear? (new article)

    On the eve of the release of the first Audiobook "Teaching of the Heart" - "Call of the Heart" (Russian version), voiced by the author - Zinovya Vasilievna Dushkova - a new article by Zinovya Vasilyevna "Whose voice do you hear?" was published on the website. WHOSE VOICE DO YOU HEAR? Whose voice do you hear when you listen to other people's voices, and even to your own voice? Who is behind your voices, as if connecting with an umbilical cord to those spheres to which this or that person is “connected”? Yes, yes, leaving the womb of our mother, losing the umbilical cord connecting us with her, we still retain an invisible connection with those “maternal” spheres from which our spirit came. But are all those living on Earth highly spiritual people? No and again no, unfortunately!.. We are forced to state the fact that most of the fiends of hell live here than the great saints. Alas, this fact is undeniable! And yet there are more and more beautiful people every day, for the thicker the darkness, the brighter the stars, truly! Their voices, bringing peace to our hearts, begin to sound louder and brighter, isn’t it because the silent voice of their guiding star shows them the right path leading to peace and harmony!.. Read the full article...

  • Cave of the Nativity of Christ

    Touch the Star not with your palm, but with your Heart! Christ was born here to come to the Gentiles, And Love to Resurrect, which is higher in the World than All Unwritten Laws! With it, believe me, you will rise Up, to the Godlike Feet, Laying Your Hearts at the Unearthly Altars! With Love, Zinovya Dushkova Christ was born in this place And here He was laid in a manger, in other words - a feeding trough for livestock, in which, according to the Gospel tradition, the Mother of God, as if in a cradle, laid the newborn baby Jesus Christ, who came to save the Human “flock”, which treated Him like a bestial, and prepared for Him the most severe torture and Crucifixion as a criminal for the fact that His “crime” consisted only in the fact that He brought Salvation and Divine All-forgiving Love to all sinners and deicides!..

  • Happy New Year 2024 from Zinovya Dushkova

    My dear, kind brothers and sisters, I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year! And may it be peaceful, bright, joyful and bring exactly those fruits that will serve to heal your wounded hearts... And may each of my books be a reliable support for your soul, yearning for the Heavenly Worlds. Accept them as Good News, which is addressed to you by our Heavenly Father. With Love, Zinovya Dushkova

  • The image of the Lord is in the Heart!

    Over the years, some people, having barely touched the Teaching of the Heart, turned to me with numerous questions: how to see the Lord, how to hear Him, and how to make Him answer them directly to their, as a rule, everyday questions, such as getting divorced or no with her husband or daughter with her son-in-law, and which Image to turn to from the images they have, so that the Lord would Answer them, since my answers could not satisfy them. And I, as a rule, answered that the Great Lords Guide our spirit (the highest triad), and as for our earthly flesh (the lower quaternary), we must decide for ourselves, turning to our own hearts and our stellar spirit. And if a school teacher starts solving all the problems for a student from the first grade, will he be able to gain any knowledge that will be useful to him in life?! Unfortunately, few people ask the question: what did I learn, for example, after reading the Teaching of the Heart, as well as other books Given to us by the Greatest Mentors of Humanity?! Where will the soul rise when it leaves mortal flesh? Where will our spirit go? Which worlds will greet us with joy, and which ones will put up barriers, protecting themselves from uninvited visitors, who, having destroyed their own world, are trying to invade other spheres with their “spiritless charter”? Will the Gates of the Kingdom of God be opened to every soul?! They ask, of course, that I ask the Lord: who they are, where they are from, who they were, whether they are going “there or not” and in general where they should go, what business to do, what they should do, etc. and so on. Perhaps some people have the impression that the Lords are simply Sitting with their Hands folded, waiting for them to ask thousands of thousands of questions and for the hundred thousandth time they will answer everyone the same thing that has already been said more than once throughout the history of the development of Humanity... And here the question arises: did the person really read the books I wrote down, because there are so many Recommendations given from Above! Did he fulfill at least one good piece of advice given by the Lord?! Did he care about helping his family and friends? I’m not even talking about all of Humanity, about increasing peace throughout the world, which so needs good messages in the form of pure prayers, both for the living and for the dead, “suspended” in the near-earth layers... About how many Recommendations were given by the Founders and all the saints all religions of the world in past centuries, as well as the Messengers of the Hierarchy of Light in the previous century, which are urgent to fulfill, especially in our time!.. About forty years ago, for the first time, I was given just two days to read one of the books of the Teachings of Agni Yoga “AUM”, I immediately ran to the stationery store to buy a general notebook, and for two days in a row, day and night, I rewrote the book in order to return it to the person on the appointed day and hour. And again, she wrote out for herself what needed to be done, first of all realizing that it was impossible to “defile” words, because each word has its own low or high frequency of sound: speech must be purified so that the words are pure and carry a life-affirming note, as in prayers, thereby healing the surrounding space... Of course, having learned about the Works of Helena Blavatsky, Helena Roerich, as well as about their Teacher Morya, Lord Kut Khumi, I, of course, wanted to know more about Them, and in the search process for the first time I found the Image of the Lord Morya in E. Blavatsky’s book “From the Caves and Wilds of Hindustan”, and then found other images, also copying Nicholas Roerich’s triptych “Long Live the King” (“Fiat Rex”) with the Image of the Lord, which has been framed on my work desk for almost four decades table, there are other Images of the Lords, which I bow to to this day, although I know very well that Their Appearance is significantly, and I would even say, radically different from those that also stand in frames at home on your small improvised altars , along with icons of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, figurines of Buddha and other Founders of religions, and numerous images of saints, because for a true Christian, disrespect for “foreign” religions is a great sin. But not out of fear we honor everyone who serves the cause of increasing Light, Goodness and Peace on Earth, but out of Compassion and Love, for God is One, and His Name is Love! Yes, there were happy people on the planet who had the opportunity to see the living Messengers of the Higher World, but they did not realize that only in their hearts could the Divine Image be imprinted, and first of all, awakening from “spiritual blindness”, they should turn to their hearts to their own, for only there will they be able to see the Fire-Breathing Image... At one time, the Image of the Lord Moria was revealed to the gaze of Helena Blavatsky, Helena Roerich, as well as to those few employees who showed loyalty to the Hierarchy of Light, and with specific actions - not in words, but in in fact, served the General Good. It would be naive to believe that the Lord’s Appearance has not changed since then. Even a person, looking at his photographs from the moment of birth to this day, will see what changes he has undergone on the external plane, and God willing, he will “see” invisible changes on the internal plane, which leave a “stamp on the face”, which becomes more darkened or enlightened... What can we say about the Mentors of Humanity, Who Advance the Steps of Evolution not just by leaps and bounds, but by those “units of measurement” that are not accessible to human understanding! " forms." And if I even begin to describe what was accessible to the vision of my heart’s eye, then while you are imagining this Image, It will already acquire a Higher Fiery Intensity!.. Yes, of course, there is a description of the Lord of Moria by Helena Roerich, thanks to which her son Svyatoslav Roerich painted the picture, but each person passes the thought form through the prism of his vision, imposing his own perception, as well as his own energetic state. It should be said that this was a description of the Subtle Image of the Lord, when He could still Descend in the mountains to a certain height in His semi-rarefied Body, but in the twentieth century the Lords went much higher than the highest mountain peaks, and about this, and much more, you can read in subsequent books that are being prepared for publication... And forgive me generously for the fact that I am simply not able to “rewrite” the answers to thousands of questions for each individual person, especially since my answer, as a rule, causes a flurry of new questions... A great variety of answers already in published books or those that have not yet been published. The only thing I can say is: like a bee collecting nectar, try to extract for yourself what you need from the dozens of books that are already available for reading, and patiently wait for the new Gifts that the Generous Hand continues to present to the entire Human Race. Thank God that some of you understand well that even the Messenger, which was Sent by the Lords to Their co-worker residing in a dense body, cannot manifest on the visible plane, because its subtle vibrations are too high. The difference can be quite huge, and if the Messenger has the highest degree of vibrations, then they are so strong that a person’s physical flesh can simply char and disintegrate into dust, splitting into the primary elements. Again, the difference in the vibrational constants of various spheres, which have a certain energetic sound, is extremely large, which is difficult to maintain in balance due to the fact that fierce battles are taking place in the earthly and near-earth layers, and, of course, none of the Lords will violate the unstable state of the spheres. This is fraught with a more powerful awakening of the elements, which have already overflowed their destined shores, which is accompanied by terrible catastrophes. Therefore, the Great Mahatmas can manifest themselves extremely rarely, and only when the Cosmic Timings allow it, and only in front of those who were Their disciples in past incarnations, and have maintained a connection not clouded by the betrayal of their Mentor. And this happens only at the moment of the brightest kindling of the Spirit in the subsequent incarnation. And here there can be no question that one of the Brothers, in response to a person’s request, would suddenly, in the midst of an unequal battle, leave His Brothers and appear before the curious gaze of one who does not have even a tiny percentage of consonance with the Lord of Light. The teacher comes only when the student is ready!!! And moreover, He, as a rule, can manifest His Image only at the First Initiation. But not a single true Initiate will ever say that he is an Initiate, for the higher He is on the Hierarchical levels, the lower He will immerse Himself, literally dissolving in the midst of ordinary people, and only by the Fruits of His deeds can you recognize Him... I really hope, my dear brothers and sisters, that you correctly understand what I wanted to say! So, without clinging to words, but by following the course of my unspoken thoughts, you will comprehend much more by “reading between the lines.” Gigantic Work, truly on a supercosmic and supergalactic scale, has been undertaken by the Lords of Light, and my modest contribution, and yours - according to your strengths - everything is placed on the Scales of Evolution, in the name of so that every person who longs for salvation can climb Jacob’s Ladder, what stands on the earth, and its top touches the Sky, along which Angels descend and ascend, and at the top stands the Lord... Will they not treat Him now in the same way as they did two thousand years ago?! Yes, blowjob “This Chalice”! Let us better ourselves rise to Those Whose invisible Image is imprinted in our hearts, and if we really want to see Them with all our hearts, then we will definitely meet Them in Their Divine Halls, but for this it is necessary not only to Become, but also to Be Like Them ! And how to do this, everyone decides for himself, for this is the Law of Free Will that is destined for us from Above, and, understanding that the best veneration of the Saints is the imitation of their life, we must reach it ourselves, checking with the Signs that are placed along the Path Traveled on the Earthly Plane by the Great Lords of Light, before Whose Images, I hope, one day, kneeling, all Grateful Humanity will appear! With Love, Zinovya Dushkova

  • New e-book "Lotus of the Fiery Love (The Legend of the Ascending Goddess)"

    Dear readers! We would like to inform you that Zinovya Dushkova's long-awaited book "Lotus of the Fiery Love (The Legend of the Ascending Goddess)" has been published in English translation. The book is dedicated to the Great Eternally Feminine Principle. The way of the woman of the Earth is the way of the goddess, whose name is Lakshmi. The gods of the "fallen" and the gods of the ascendants are narrated by the pages of ancient books hidden in the mysterious treasuries of Shambhala. We invite you to read this rare and inspiring book! The book is available for sale on Amazon and on the author's website.

  • NEW ELECTRONIC BOOK "THE MYSTERY OF CHRIST" (Preface by Zinovya Dushkova)

    Dear readers, we are pleased to inform you that the new e-book "Mystery of Christ (Apocryphal Epistles)" in English has finally seen the light of day. This book, written by the Great Devotee Thales of Argos, is extraordinary in its content and spiritual filling. For the first time the preface to this book - as a revelation and revelation of the Cosmic Mysteries - is given to the seeking reader by the writer and philosopher Zinovya Dushkova, the author of several dozens of spiritual and philosophical books, universally recognized placing her among the leading spiritual leaders of mankind. Soon the publication of the next book is expected - "Mystery of Christ - Mystery of Sophia", which covers the events of the end of the last century and the beginning of the present century, as well as - going beyond Time and Space, delineated by the Solar System - in the worlds where the Spirit of Christ awaited more than one Calvary.... Subsequently the third part of the Records will also be given, that as a whole with the book "Mystery of Christ" will form a single triple-book, - a kind of Sacral Triptych, - revealing to the reader's eye the pictures of the past, that were and always will be available only to the eye of the Great Initiates, one of whom is Thales of Argos. The book can be purchased both in the Amazon store and on the author's website. You can also order the book by writing to the e-mail address

  • Zinovya Dushkova's new German-language book, The Book of Secret Wisdom

    Zinovya Dushkova, Doktorin der Philosophie, wurde von der Zeitschrift „Watkins Mind Body Spirit“ neben dem Dalai-Lama und Papst Franziskus in die Liste der 100 spirituell einflussreichsten Menschen der Welt aufgenommen. Ihr wurde Zugang zu einem geheimen Manuskript gewährt, das über eine Million Jahre alt ist. Es ist unter dem Namen Buch des Dzyan bekannt und enthält Antworten auf die wichtigsten Fragen der Menschheit. In Senzar, der Sprache der Götter, geschrieben, wurde es im Herzen des Himalaya sorgsam aufbewahrt. In der gesamten Geschichte der Menschheit erhielten nur Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christus und die großen Mentoren der Menschheit Zugang zu der geheimnisvollen, vor den Augen der Menschen verborgenen Fundgrube, in der die heiligen Schriftrollen lagern. Erstmals in der Geschichte präsentiert Doktor Dushkova im „Buch der geheimen Weisheit“ ein Fragment aus dem geheimnisvollen Buch des Dzyan, um neuen Sinn und Hoffnung in Ihr Leben zu bringen. Das in wunderschöner und erhellender Sprache geschriebene Buch offenbart Ihnen nicht nur die Vergangenheit, sondern auch die Gegenwart und Zukunft. Um das Verständnis dieses tiefsinnigen und poetischen Textes zu erleichtern, wurde der Text um ein umfangreiches Glossar ergänzt. Die in diesem Buch präsentierte allumfassende Wahrhaftigkeit war stets ausschließlich privilegierten Eingeweihten antiker Zivilisationen und einigen wenigen Auserwählten vorbehalten, die nur einmal pro Jahrhundert in die Wohnstätte des Lichts – nach Shambhala – gerufen werden konnten … Heute ist sie auf den Seiten des „Buches der geheimen Weisheit“ zugänglich, welches in beispielloser Form die ältesten Geheimnisse der Welt von der großen Zukunft der Menschheit offenbart und die wichtigste Botschaft der Autorin in sich trägt: „Jeder von euch ist dazu bestimmt, sich im Bilde und nach dem Gleichnis Gottes zu entwickeln. Möge Gott euch also zu Schöpfern neuer stellarer Welten machen!“ "Das Buch der geheime Weisheit" kann auf der Website des Autors sowie bei Amazon und anderen Online-Händlern erworben werden.

  • New e-book "The Intimate Aloud"!

    Dear reader, We would like to draw your attention to the e-book "The Intimate Aloud," which might assist you in your search for a loving partner to call in life. Maybe you've cried out from the depths of your soul more than once, asking, "Why am I alone, unloved, and ununderstood?" We foster every emotion within ourselves, including love, happiness, and enlightenment. The author urges you to gaze into the most holy of places in the hopes that you will find a mirror image of yourself in the words of this book. Get your copy from the Website or Amazon!

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