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Dear readers, we are pleased to inform you that the new e-book "Mystery of Christ (Apocryphal Epistles)" in English has finally seen the light of day. This book, written by the Great Devotee Thales of Argos, is extraordinary in its content and spiritual filling.

For the first time the preface to this book - as a revelation and revelation of the Cosmic Mysteries - is given to the seeking reader by the writer and philosopher Zinovya Dushkova, the author of several dozens of spiritual and philosophical books, universally recognized placing her among the leading spiritual leaders of mankind.

Soon the publication of the next book is expected - "Mystery of Christ - Mystery of Sophia", which covers the events of the end of the last century and the beginning of the present century, as well as - going beyond Time and Space, delineated by the Solar System - in the worlds where the Spirit of Christ awaited more than one Calvary.... Subsequently the third part of the Records will also be given, that as a whole with the book "Mystery of Christ" will form a single triple-book, - a kind of Sacral Triptych, - revealing to the reader's eye the pictures of the past, that were and always will be available only to the eye of the Great Initiates, one of whom is Thales of Argos.

The book can be purchased both in the Amazon store and on the author's website. You can also order the book by writing to the e-mail address

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