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Cave of the Nativity of Christ

Touch the Star not with your palm, but with your Heart!

Christ was born here to come to the Gentiles,

And Love to Resurrect, which is higher in the World than All Unwritten Laws! With it, believe me, you will rise Up, to the Godlike Feet, Laying Your Hearts at the Unearthly Altars!

With Love, Zinovya Dushkova

Christ was born in this place

And here He was laid in a manger, in other words - a feeding trough for livestock, in which, according to the Gospel tradition, the Mother of God, as if in a cradle, laid the newborn baby Jesus Christ, who came to save the Human “flock”, which treated Him like a bestial, and prepared for Him the most severe torture and Crucifixion as a criminal for the fact that His “crime” consisted only in the fact that He brought Salvation and Divine All-forgiving Love to all sinners and deicides!..

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