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Whose voice do you hear? (new article)

On the eve of the release of the first Audiobook "Teaching of the Heart" - "Call of the Heart" (Russian version), voiced by the author - Zinovya Vasilievna Dushkova - a new article by Zinovya Vasilyevna "Whose voice do you hear?" was published on the website.


Whose voice do you hear when you listen to other people's voices, and even to your own voice? Who is behind your voices, as if connecting with an umbilical cord to those spheres to which this or that person is “connected”? Yes, yes, leaving the womb of our mother, losing the umbilical cord connecting us with her, we still retain an invisible connection with those “maternal” spheres from which our spirit came. But are all those living on Earth highly spiritual people? No and again no, unfortunately!.. We are forced to state the fact that most of the fiends of hell live here than the great saints. Alas, this fact is undeniable! And yet there are more and more beautiful people every day, for the thicker the darkness, the brighter the stars, truly! Their voices, bringing peace to our hearts, begin to sound louder and brighter, isn’t it because the silent voice of their guiding star shows them the right path leading to peace and harmony!..

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