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Perhaps it’s time for people to think about what price great saints, unknown ascetics and, in general, all those who follow the Path of Light pay. I'm not even talking about the Greatest Mentors of Humanity and the Messengers of the Higher Divine Worlds, Who, in response to their Priceless Gifts, only expected persecution, torture, fires, crucifixions and other fanaticities that ungrateful, heartless “little men” were capable of, who acted worse than animals, organizing from executions “show”... I remember my first visit to Sai Baba’s ashram in Puttaparthi, when in response to my thought: “Why do you have to go through a metal detector, isn’t a saint able to protect himself?”, the thought came: “This is not necessary for Sathya Sai , and people who are long overdue to realize that they need to protect their saints!” Isn’t it too great a price to pay the price of your Righteous life to the Sons and Daughters of Light, Who to this day saturate this suffering world with wise knowledge and saving currents flowing from their Sacrificial Hearts?!

Let everyone answer these questions for themselves and, looking into the endless Heavens, try to see all the greatness of countless worlds that live in peace and harmony with each other and for billions of years have been trying to heal our small planet, which is seen like a clot of a cancerous tumor. Hand on heart, answer yourself, good people, are you on the path with the Forces of Light, and if you have already positioned yourself as a person who wants to share the heavy Burden of Brotherhood, then follow Their Holy examples as far as it is in your power. How many orphans appear every hour as a result of fratricidal wars, how many mutilated bodies, mutilated destinies, mental disorders when the human brain is not able to cope with the troubles and misfortunes that befall it! The world is literally groaning in pain, tearing apart all the surrounding spaces, and here it is very important to show your voice, blocking the howl of animals... Now I suddenly remembered an actor I know from France, who for several years now, being retired, has been traveling in his trailer to different countries and, sitting near the walls of the temples, he reads aloud the “Fire Bible,” translated into French. Of course, I do not ask anyone to read the books I have written down or listen to the works I have voiced. Only the free will of a person and the need of his star soul can suggest what he can do here and now so that Peace and Prosperity will finally triumph in this suffering world.

So my voice is woven into the Chorus of Heartfelt voices that sound throughout the planet, speaking out against wars and violence. Regardless of the religion of individual countries and peoples, they serve in the name of affirming the Melody of Life, which is still extruded by the Voice of the Earth, permeated with the blood of its sons and daughters... The planet yearns for transformation, and why don’t each of us contribute to the revival of the Garden of Eden in the bosom of long-suffering soils ?! We are one family called Humanity! How many orphanages, as well as nursing homes, lonely disabled people abandoned in cold houses or dying of hunger and cold on the streets! Most of all, I feel sorry for the little defenseless children who have experienced cruelty and violence from adults, because I myself, one might say, have been in their shoes. Of course, someone might think, as, however, I heard rumors that I live “in chocolate.” Yes, chocolate was around, literally and figuratively, until my loving father died when I was only three years old. He dreamed that I would eat expensive chocolates, but I perceived them as toy soap, and preferred cheap caramels to eat... Unfortunately, later, neither in childhood, nor in adolescence, nor during my short marriage, life did not immerse me “in chocolate". And perhaps fortunately, since it was much easier for me to part with my past life, where cruelty and violence reigned. Thus, after a divorce, forty years ago, I began to form a different life, alone, making my way through the thorns to the stars. And thank God that now my Path is shared by my brothers, who are becoming more numerous on the Earthly plane, regardless of their nationalities and countries of residence. And although their voices sound in different dialects, nevertheless we understand each other, for we speak the same Language of the Heart!

And the last thing I would like to tell you, my dear brothers and sisters: some of you periodically asked me to voice books, and more requests were for audio recordings of poems. Of course, I dreamed of adding music to the poems, but, unfortunately, the composers asked for considerable sums, which I did not have. And could those who are focused on the financial side of the issue hear the melody that can accompany the Gift from Above. And thank God that good friends have appeared with whom we are on the same path, and for them what is important is not what is Caesar’s, but what is God’s! Therefore, I am happy to announce that an audio collection “In Poems the Cosmos Speaks” will soon appear, which will have a worthy musical accompaniment. The second audiobook “Teaching of the Heart” will also be presented to your attention. And here I would like to be very frank with you, because some people have a question about the cost, which they would like to see much lower. As you know, this year I turned seventy years old, I have long been retired, which now amounts to ten thousand rubles (one hundred euros), more than half of which goes to pay for utilities. Not to mention the fact that almost the entire amount from sales for three decades ended up in the pockets of other people’s “publishers,” who paid me pennies, usurping the rights to my works. Tell me, what could I publish or record without advance payments or occasional kind help from any of you, since in recent years I have been deprived of even a penny of royalties? I am eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to the promotion of the Gifts of the Hierarchy of Light! And, being extremely frank, I will say that for the first book, even less than ten percent of the amount that was paid at the recording studio for the reproduction of just one book was received. Some are interested in the price of the second audiobook: will it cost the same and will the next ones be voiced... I once dreamed that I would give away my books for free, many people leave; She also wanted to create public libraries and used her last money to buy books. About thirty years ago I bought a Bible with illustrations to Dora, giving my entire salary, but a woman who could afford to buy ten similar books immediately asked me to look at it, promising to give it back the next day, but to this day she has not returned it. And this happened not only with this book. As a rule, what is received for free is most often not valued... And my sons, when they were still schoolchildren, went to unload wagons in order to earn our bread, but that’s another story... I’m always ready to share with you what I own, if you You really don’t have the opportunity to pay the indicated price and purchase something that is PRICELESS for you!

With Love to you, Zinovya Dushkova

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