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Mystery of Christ - Mystery of Sophia

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The book "The Mystery of Christ - The Mystery of Sophia" continues the narrative begun by the Great Initiate of the Theban Sanctuary Thales the Argive, revealing the secret pages of the Past, Present and Future times. You will meet again with both heroes and anti-heroes. Some have grown in courage and heroism, others have become more sophisticated in the torture and persecution of the Heralds of Light. The apostates have been following the path of betrayal since the time when the Four Greatest Wise Arraim delivered to a certain continent from the once flourishing Antarctica a group of bright people, who were the Messengers of the Far Worlds. And subsequently they crossed more than once, flowing from life to life into human flesh, and now they appeared at the last Fiery Line, summing up fateful results. The Mystery of Christ continues, and the Heavenly Sophia is already ready to raise the Sword of Cosmic Justice!..

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