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(for Ukraine)

For order printed books please fill out the form below.

After sending the data from the form, we will contact you to confirm the order and make payment.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to deliver printed books to other countries. Delivery of printed books is carried out only on the territory of Russia.

Payment for the delivery of printed books - according to the tariffs of the delivery service.

If you want to order e-books, but for some reason you are having difficulty paying through PayPal, you can also fill out the form below and indicate that you need e-books.


Book type

Thank you for the order! We will contact you to confirm and pay for the order.

При отправке формы иногда могут возникать перебои. Если у Вас не проходит заказ через форму, напишите пожалуйста на е-мейл Или подождите. Быть может, мы уже получили Ваш заказ и в скором времени свяжемся с Вами.

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