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A Story of a Theban Sanctuary Monk

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A Story of a Theban Sanctuary Monk opens a few more pages from the Book of Life of one of the most mysterious monks who lived in the old times. In the book “The Mystery of Christ”, you may have first met him. It described his meeting with the Lord Jesus Christ, and what was revealed to the monk of the Theban Sanctuary at the moment of the Crucifixion of God both on Golgotha itself and on the invisible Supermundane Plane. He followed the Soul of the Crucified God into the transcendent Divine Realms by renouncing everything earthly… And yet he did not leave suffering Mankind and for centuries appeared in different countries as a human being. The story of the monk of the Theban Sanctuary appears on the pages of this book, just as another section of his great Path, as a Warrior of the Lord. And in the near future, the next pages of his joint movement along Cosmic paths with the One He will keep following Forever will be opened again!..

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