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European "Yellowstone" in Italy

Yesterday, May 22, 2024, I received a question from America regarding the latest tremors associated with Campi Flegrei in Italy: is there a danger due to the awakening of this supervolcano?Of course, some people living in different parts of the planet show understandable anxiety, because they perceive the Earth as a Single Organism. A person who has lost one of the paired organs can continue to live, but if it is a vital organ, then inevitable death threatens... And this applies not only to people, but also to individual geographical places on our planet, which may represent an organ vital to it. The Italian press writes about dozens of tremors that have occurred in recent days. On May 20, an earthquake occurred in the Campi Flegrei area, the magnitude was 3.6, recorded by INGV at a depth of 4 kilometers. Tremors were felt on the upper floors in various areas of Naples and in the municipalities closest to the area affected by the Phlegrean bradyseism. This is the second night of horror, with dozens of people on the streets evacuated after the strong 4.4-magnitude tremor that followed on Monday evening. A total of 46 families were evicted from 27 houses. The women's prison in Pozzuoli, where 138 prisoners were held, was also evacuated. An Inter-Ministerial Summit, chaired by Georgian Prime Minister Meloni, on the situation at Campi Flegrei was urgently planned...

Twenty-two years ago I was in Japan and climbed Mount Fuji, where I had a Communication with my Spiritual Mentor. Here, before my eyes, the Energy Map of all the volcanoes of the world was revealed. One of the most powerful triangles was Fuji (stratovolcano in Japan) - Etna (stratovolcano in Italy) - Yellowstone (supervolcano in the USA). They are connected by powerful invisible bonds that are rooted in the depths where the Underground Fire rages. The awakening of another volcano, with which they have an indissoluble connection, depends on each of them. Moreover, each of these points gives an impulse to other volcanoes, and it’s as if streams of fiery lava are running through living arteries. Of course, it is, I would say, an eerie sight - to see the entire planet shrouded in a network of volcanoes, which, so to speak, cooperate with each other. And at some point they are able to create their own coalition in order to rush to this or that place where, in human terms, people have already confused the shores... A volcanic eruption is most often accompanied by a tsunami, because all the visible and Invisible Elements are also in the process of active interaction...

It must be said that Etna is also inextricably linked with a network of other volcanoes, for example with Vesuvius, which destroyed the Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii. I was in the last of them several years ago, and by the evening all members of my family felt the thickening of the shadows, anxiety began to grow, and we hastened to leave this city, where the half-disintegrated shells of the dead still wander, waiting for new victims... But the most dangerous thing is not this one union, but the one that exists between Etna and that volcanic region that is only ten kilometers from densely populated Naples - Campi Flegrei.

40 thousand years ago, a mega-eruption occurred here and a layer of ash covered Europe within 1.1 million square kilometers. This was comparable to the consequences of a nuclear bombing with all the ensuing consequences for wildlife. And after 12-15 thousand years, Campi Flegrei erupted again. And despite the fact that it was less powerful, nevertheless, due to the increased sulfur content, the air temperature dropped by 5-10 degrees, which led to the death of many animal populations in Europe. The next activity was recorded in 1538, resulting in the formation of the Monte Nuovo volcanic cone. By the way, scientific research in recent years shows that the magma that makes up Monte Nuovo is very close in composition to the rocks that were released in the initial stages of previous supereruptions. Scientists believe that magma is accumulating, as well as an increase in gas pressure.

It would seem that the danger has passed, but the apparent external peace does not give reason to relax... Campi Flegrei was seriously alarmed already in 1970 and 1983: residents of the central part of Pozzuoli suddenly felt that they had risen up along with their home, and then began to descend , as a result of which an urgent evacuation of the townspeople followed.One of 24 craters and volcanic rises in the Campi Flegrei region, the Solfatara volcano appeared about 4 thousand years ago and is located near the city of Pozzuoli. At times it continues to emit underground gases, but the inhabitants of this city somehow still managed to remain relatively calm about their future, which cannot be said about the last days, because panic is already visible...

If we turn to the myths of the ancient Greeks, we can learn that it was within the Solfatara crater that the god of fire Vulcan lived... The very name “Phlegrean Fields” is taken from ancient mythology and is translated as “scorched lands” - that was the name of the place where the gods , led by Zeus, defeated the Titans.Of course, the location is quite suitable for epic battles, since the volcanic caldera occupies an area of ​​about 100 square kilometers. Of course, Yellowstone, hidden underground, is much larger, covering an area of ​​4,000 square kilometers, which is four times larger than New York, twice larger than Tokyo, and one and a half times larger than Moscow. And although the Kampi Flegrei caldera is mostly under water, danger threatens not only the adjacent European territories, but also other lands.

Invisible underground magmatic processes are the result of growing concern not only among volcanologists in Italy, but throughout the world. Undoubtedly, Campi Flegrei will awaken, and this threatens disaster for all of Humanity.The danger of a new mega-eruption increases day by day. According to a study by volcanologist Francesco Forni and his colleagues, Campi Flegrei “may be on the verge of another major eruption.” So, based on their analysis of rock samples, they came to the conclusion that the supervolcano has entered a new cycle of activity, and magma is being “recharged” in its depths. Of course, no one knows when a new eruption will occur and how catastrophic it may be in its consequences. Of course, if this happened today, the one and a half million people of Naples would be destroyed first. And not only Europe, but also the western part of Russia, which geographically belongs to Europe, would be filled with particles of sulfur, poisoning all living things not only in the air, but also in the bowels of the earth.

Every year, visiting the Phlegrean Fields becomes more and more dangerous for humans. So, in 2017, an Italian family, together with their eleven-year-old son, decided to visit these places. And all three - the boy and his parents - died, falling into a deep hole, since in some places there is a very thin layer of soil. Unfortunately, there was no one to save them, but after this incident, the Italian authorities strengthened security measures... Is it possible for humans to tame the most powerful barrage of elements if they themselves constantly sow storms and reap hurricanes?! Of course, their number would not have grown at such a rapid pace if Humanity had appeared as a single monolithic force establishing peace and fraternal relations throughout the planet. And if people do not come to their senses, then all the Elemental Forces, having united into a single coalition of unprecedented power, will simply sweep away entire cities, countries and even continents from the face of the planet.

Of course, if the Forces of Light had not restrained the unprecedented counterattacks of the visible and Invisible Elements on this planet, mired in fratricidal wars, it would have long ago been crumbled into dust and scattered in the form of cosmic dust... They still retain Faith in the Bright future of Humanity! So, Employees of the Higher Powers are sent to the most dangerous places, and as they say in the East: the presence of one saint can save an entire area... In recent years, Italy needs help more than ever, since it is a seismically vulnerable country, like Japan and some other regions of the planet. . And of course, help is provided where it is karmically permissible... I have been visiting Italy for more than twenty years, and since 2020 I have been here almost constantly. It has survived more than one earthquake here, and others are on the way...

And the last thing I would like to say: Supreme Help, as always, can be provided to all countries and peoples, but only fifty percent. Again, if there is a Higher Expediency in it, dictated by Cosmospatial reasons that are inaccessible to the understanding of the human mind. And the rest must be borne on their shoulders and paid off for their karmic debts by those who have committed not only a lot of sins, but also grave crimes directed against the Laws approved by Divine Evolution for this long-suffering and so defenseless small planet Earth, dotted with a network of awakening “Volcanoes of Doomsday” Day."

Zinovya Dushkova

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