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The book is a bright page of the Fiery History, which is immortalized on the Tablets of Eternity, which reveals the Glory of Holy Rus' to your gaze. The people who create a beautiful Future are truly worthy of the Protection of Heaven. And the tribute of the Creator is already spreading over those souls that with trembling hearts cling to the pages that tell about the Coming to the Russian land of the Savior of the entire Human Race.

Content (automatic translation)




1. The sacred gift of Ilion -
Blessed Grains,
What sprouted on the soil
Wonderful Mother Earth.
2. Song of heroes with a trumpet voice
It resounded... And over Parnassus
A fiery pattern flared up -
Muses light your eyes
3. Turned to heroes.
And their blind singer sang,
inspired by beauty
The affairs of the earthly era of that ...
4. The heart is a wanderer in this world,
And trust only the lyre,
Singing Love!
There is no better word for him
5. What a magical sound
String in the hands of the one who weeps
Light lyres give birth
The gift of love is in the soul. Doesn't melt
6. Decreasing in the rhythms of the century,
Tribute to the heroes. Glory!
Glory to that
Who led the people to the fire
7. Pulling them out of the darkness!
Glory eternal under the banner
Who went to battle in the name of Light!
Glory to the poets,
8. Singing beauty
Movement of Love! They will understand
Someday people will understand everyone
And poets will not be condemned ...
9. The blind will lead the sighted,
Through the ages seeing good luck
Fiery heart. in the chest
Bright lights will flash
10. Illuminated by victory
In a dark world...
Lead heroes to battle
For Love! Oh, not dead
11. Not melted like smoke
Their fiery glory.
You sing, holy Muse,
All the sons of the Earth, which is a load
12. Did not want to share,
And, shouldering, faces
Turned to heaven
To give us strength
13. Deal with an unbearable burden.
Excessive load presses
Shoulders fragile human
Hard rock… Holy powers!
14. Help overcome
The path of the earth! provide
All sorrows and hardships
Is it given to everyone? Blows are formidable!
15. Deep, deadly wounds,
Inflicted by a tyrant -
Evil darkness. Strengthen!
Strength, ascend from the bowels of the earth
16. A fire-breathing star,
Give, Lord! Only with you
It is given to fly up in fire.
The song of love resounds in me...
17. Sweet-sounding cithara
Timidly sounded in the heart,
Like an angel in a moment
He touched the string with his wing ... Drives
18. Someone carefully along the strings,
Extracting sounds. wonderful,
Sounds in a quiet voice
A beautiful song of love.
19. Who drops sounds in the heart?
God?! Saving Science
Gives a wonderful lesson
Sound dropping from heaven...
20. Timid guest of the Silence of Light
Knock on the soul somewhere.
Someone will accept and press
To the heart. Someone will get around
21. A guest with fiery attention
And slam into the closet,
Keeping out the wondrous light
Pure sounds. And in response
22. Will call only the darkness deaf.
“I feel the gift of the Holy Heaven!” —
Someone will rejoice in the world.
And filled with stellar power
23. Generative titans,
Those giant heroes
Shaking the worlds
The bright flame of love.
24. Formidable tread will go
All heard here
Song of the Divine.
And one fate is holy
25. He will bring them all on the way,
Strongly by the bonds of Love
Girded in this world.
Glory to the Highest Sanctuary,
26. Who sanctifies the world
Myriads of all sparks,
Starry sounds and drops
Light bestowing on the Earth.
27. God's Chosen Grains
sown in spacious
Light souls, where is the fire
Revered. around
28. Darkness rages let it moan
The body is fragile but remembers
Heart fiery covenant:
Throw out light in the district, -
29. Light of Love and understanding,
Light of holy compassion
The Light of Great Patience
In a difficult moment of burning soul.
30. This is how heroes are born!
Hundreds of warriors spark
God's grow into flames
And the titans rise
31. To Olympus with glorious deeds,
Being divine
On the tops of marvelous mountains.
What a mental space!
32. Heavenly thought, living
Dwells in pure spheres.
Echoes loudly
Thought of Fire when it rushes
33. To the earthly world to meet the call.
Who calls for love? Gods!!!
Give fiery advice
How to cleanse the world of troubles
34. And fill everything with radiance
Pure, fiery. So that the flame
Chaste Heights
Ruled the world. So that
35. All laws kept
Those that the gods gave to people.
Keep the fire in your soul...
And, having heard the song, already
36. Her sound was not rejected,
But forever settled
In a fiery heart. forever
The person will be happy!
37. Sweet-sounding cithara
Gives everyone a sound.
And the flowers of hope will sprout
Blooming brightly, in gentle
38. Sweetness of Heights.
So the sound forges heroes!
The Sound of the Master's Silence
Weaves a cover of star threads,
39. Covering them with heroes -
Sons of Fire, out of combat
With honor left. Reward
Do not hesitate to meet. glad
40. Gods, watching from the sky,
How to overcome your load,
I carry a heavy load
From the shoulders of strangers that are dying here,
41. Not mastering the load ...
Do their hearts know the skill
Put everything on your brother's shoulders?
No! The hero cannot give them
42. Part of your hardest share,
But I'm ready to accept, all the more
A load of pain and sorrow
Making the way to heaven easier
43. To those who are on the mountain path
I decided to go up. Wait!
I wear an Atlas bearing,
The load will crush you! Listen!
44. Hard way and light
Mountain path. You
Do not master all the rises -
The path is dangerous! Restless!
45. How frantic heroes are,
Walking up the path,
Untouched by anyone...
I wear bitter to them all
46. It is given to take out from the Earth,
To be burned in the worlds of Fire
All human sins, pains.
And filled with prayer
47. Pure souls - Love
Calling to the world. Gods
The gift is beautiful and vital, -
How does a person need
48. Light of Love and Grace!
How can you not give them joy? —
Bitter wanderers of the Earth,
Good God, help me!
49. The world spread out, into the arms
Taking the souls of brothers
Strongly bound by love.
Heroes are born again!
50. The titans go to dust again,
To rise in the Earth and the flame
Resurrect past victories.
The gods sow seeds - light
51. In heaven, having absorbed souls
They descend into the earthly world. Jamming
Grow young thorns ...
But the grains have a mighty spirit!
52. All obstacles are good
Turn given. It's gratifying!
This is how the spirit of heroes is forged!
Nothing will calm them down
53. In this world full of sorrow.
There is no rest for them, among the people
When moaning and crying is heard.
We torment the spirit when we jump
54. Black horses rush
With the grim rider, laugh
Over orphans and ashes
from human dwellings. Faded
55. Word of Truth in hearts,
And the wind blows the ashes
On the ground. In bitter lamentations
They are looking for, loitering, roads,
56. What lead to the Worlds of Fire.
Where is the trail? Noticed!
And pave the way
Again and again ... Deafened ears,
57. Eyes have lost vigilance
And the dreams are gone in the dark
Taking hope with you.
Who will return them in this world
58. The ardor of the soul and aspiration
To the Heavenly World? Current
Down carries, like chips,
Those who are heartbroken. Hastily
59. Help must be provided!
Who will undertake to save them
In the icy water, in the darkness?!
Hey respond! We are brothers!
60. Mother - cheese Earth
Life has been hard,
Maybe only then
To test us in trouble?
61. Who will give another hand
And will not throw him into the cold
Dying among the formidable ice?
Who will descend into hell, so that again
62. Get out clean into the light, -
With a fallen brother to go up?
Who dares to pledge
Soul of fire, so that
63. Save another soul,
What, mired in sins, serves
The power of the devil world?
Who will reject from the idol
64. And make you turn
A look at the suffering? mourns
All around, calling to the sky:
The thread of salvation soon
65. Reach out, Almighty, to the people!
We will not forget the service
Age of Your help
We will remember. Do not be sorry
66. Words of love and affection, to the world
Throw innumerable God's sparks,
For the titans to be born
In the hearts of all people. And mercy
67. Your life-giving
Reveal to everyone... They're coming!
Heart froze as if
I feel the step. Oh how difficult
68. Take the first step in destiny!
With a heavy burden doubly
The path will seem longer.
What a move! Everything is bolder
69. Increasing step by step
The power of the soul. The hero is walking!
Difficult, heavy is the step of a titan.
Without removing the load for years,
70. Climb a mountain steep,
Raising the fallen immediately, -
Who can? Only they -
Those that are woven with love
71. Luminous rays, —
They can go up. crowned
Gods their hearts to the kingdom,
Souls entrusting power
72. Boundless. Wise move!
The Kingdom of the Spirit will gain
Light genius that love
Resurrect hearts, prayer ...
73. Wise genius - co-ruler
On earth, liberator
Human souls from the captivity of the flesh.
Leads a pure spirit
74. Like a regal singer,
Strings touching ... Yes
On Earth they are! With us
Through the centuries go and rule
75. Generations of souls.
Unforgettable! royal spirit
Embracing those edges
Where is the hard fate
76. She placed them at the helm.
Death just spread its wings
Instantly breaking the shackles of the flesh.
And they went up among the people
77. Leaving a memory somewhere.
The Spirit has entered the Abode of Light
And from there, full of strength,
Soared over the country.
78. Help for the doomed peoples—
That's the lot of heroes. To
Raise the fallen from their knees,
God called them. And in destiny
79. Gave them the souls of those who mourn,
What languish, black power
Obeying in this world.
The kingdom of God has granted
80. Pure spirit for consolation
And on a wise decision:
Defeat darkness forever
And resurrect with love
81. Earthly world. Victorious
The spirit of the country is given. Star
The path to pass is given in the Earth
And ascend to the Father in fire.
82. Luminous decision -
Give lessons of renewal,
Having established a wise system,
Where the Law of Love reigns.
83. Royal spirit to earthly kings
Sometimes it was given by God.
And they carried the seal
Higher Forces. Having managed to give
84. Forces of bright service,
Gone up, leaving the earth
In bright joyful hope:
Return again in the spring morning,
85. Winter, summer, autumn,
Through the years and generations
Through space, time
To descend into the earthly world. When
86. Even generations remember
Coming back to earth
The names of their heroes
Giving glory to the mountains, -
87. The spirit rushes to them.
The call of the heart caresses the ear
And gives birth to a bulky
Light of Love in response. Obedient
88. The call of the afflicted seeks
To be embodied again in this country,
So that at the abyss on the edge
Detain the people. fate
89. Change your native land
And spread over the abyss
light bridges,
That lead the worlds to heaven.
90. To return to Earth,
You need to dress well:
Take armor and a spear,
Not to hurt anyone!
91. Vestments were woven by stars
With fiery light, their scattering
Reflected by a hundred rainbows
Around the one who was sweet to them.
92. Who was a true friend to them, -
Star fiery relatives
Never let me down, in the world
Staying spirit with them.
93. Star armor fire
Decorate the flesh. The Saints
Spirits in the world go towards
All dangers. cripples
94. Earthly life of all, but faith
Helps endlessly!
Just enough to look
Into the starry sky, and on the way!
95. Go! Towards generations
To descend into the world, carrying moments
Pure joy to hearts
From Heavenly Father.
96. Take the sacred spear -
The thought that is the strongest
In this world. piercing everything,
Let it fly and scatter
97. Seeds of fire in souls
All living. Will discover
Light of Love in the hearts of all people.
The world of fire will enter their destinies.
98. Bright joy will touch
All with his wing. Will spill
Song of Love in the heart, to the edge
Filling with wondrous sound.
99. And the hero will find himself
At the center of all life. Fire
Sun clear in the sky -
The light of his love from the heart,
100. Embracing the country.
Start a new song
noble heroes,
Singing Troy!

Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University. Review of "Epic"

Academician D. Likhachev called patriotism the most noble of feelings. And he explained that this is not even a feeling - it is importantthe most important side of both personal and social culture of the spirit, when a person and the whole people, as it were, rise above themselves, set super-personal goals for themselves ... And he also warned that patriotism should not be called for, it must be carefully educated ...

The book by Z.V. Dushkova "Epic".

The book is written in a beautiful poetic language, the "singing heart" of the author, which is overflowing with Love for great Russia. A.F. Losev, in his philosophical reflection “On the Motherland”, noted: “...Love for the Motherland opens the eyes of a person to what is not usually visible to him, what is not visible to anyone else and what causes ridicule among the indifferent and well-fed. But such is love in general. The lover always sees more in the beloved than the unloving; but he is right, the one who loves, and not the one who is indifferent, for love is knowledge.

I think that to Z.V. Dushkova and the content of the book under review can be safely attributed to the thoughts of another of our patriotic compatriots - I.A. Ilyin: “All the great Russian poets focused their feeling experience on what is the main thing, the most important or directly sacred in the life of the world and man. They contemplated God; and their excited, tender heart began to sing. This singing heart brings everything else to their poetry, without which a poem is not a poem, and therefore they often had the feeling that the words, and the meter of the line, and rhythm, and rhyme come to them "themselves."

Poetry is created by the heart ... Poetry ... requires a singing heart ”(Ilyin I.A. Collected Works: In 10 vols. Vol. 2. Book 2. - M .: Russian Book, 1993. S. 317-318).

The loving heart of Zinovia Vasilievna sees our Great Motherland and sees her even greater Future.

"Epic" is the grandiose tread of Holy Rus'. Written in a high poetic language, the book is perceived as a majestic Song to the Russian people, their past and bright, wonderful future. All twenty-four Songs, reminiscent of ancient Russian epics in style, touch the very soul and make the heart tremble - as if somewhere in its innermost depths, the Russian spirit begins to awaken, which, as it follows the Singer, more and more clearly opens its wings of spirit, like a true hero Russian lands.

The concept of a word-shrine, speech-shrine is inseparable from the ability to have a human appearance and, of course, implies a healthy sense of national dignity, which means the fidelity of historical ideas about the past of one's people and the possibilities of their language. The beautiful, spiritualized, pure Russian language of the Epic, and the careful, reverent attitude of the author to the word, to the native language acquire a moral, general cultural and educational aspect:

“... Save
They were given the Russian spirit and speech
Keep the Great Slavs
From extinction, spring
So that a good word does not dry out,
Not clogged and from God
The language given to the earth
Hasn't lost its meaning. arose
He is many thousands of years old.
It has a great seal on it.
Holy melody of heaven.
… … …
The earth lives while there is
It has the style and style of the soul, and the whole
People are forever dying
Kohl loses his native language.
Has anyone thought about...
What language filled the house?!
… … …
Everything returns. And davshi
Instill darkness in native speech -
Do not curse the sky and up
Watch, waiting for awards ... "
("Epic", Canto fifteen)

This Song is a reminder to everyone of what we must know: the spiritualized Russian language is the soul of Russia, its shrine. We, like the apple of our eye, must cherish our native word. The word is given for the pursuit of truth. Our destiny is in the words we speak...

The work of Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova is an effective help to the teacher in the urgent need, in modern conditions, to preserve for students the spiritualized and figurative word of their native speech. This is also help to everyone in “awakening” the power of the “Russian spirit”, which for many nations remains an unsolved mystery.

I would like to express my confidence that the publication of Z. Dushkova's book "Epic" will be in demand by a wide range of readers, in whom an active civic position and a desire to serve their dear Fatherland have not yet been completely lost.

CONCLUSION: the book "Epic" by Dushkova Zinovia Vasilievna meets the requirements for works that can be classified as THEMATIC SECTION OF LITERATURE No. 5 - literature on social topics.

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,
Associate Professor, Department of Pedagogy,
doctoral student of the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University
R.A. Paroshina

Novosibirsk City Children's and Youth Public Organization "SOLARIS". Review of books by Zinovia Dushkova used in the preparation, development and implementation of creative programs for children, adolescents, youth and teachers.

NGDUOO SOLARIS, founded in 1997, works under the program "Fabulously Beautiful Rus'". We walk through life with the motto: "We were born to make a fairy tale come true." The age-old wisdom of the people is hidden in fairy tales (a fairy tale is a true story and in it a hint is a lesson for good fellows), there always good triumphs over evil, there a person can communicate with animals, plants, air, sun, water; knowing how to read the book of nature, communicating with it, he creates miracles with his own hands. And not a fairy tale fiction at all. We believe that our beautiful Rus' will be reborn. The guys and I learn to dream and make all our dreams come true, we learn to live in harmony with nature. All our thoughts, words and deeds are connected with the desire to work for the glory of our Motherland - RUSSIA.

The goal of the SOLARIS organization is the spiritual, moral, creative and patriotic education of children, adolescents and youth.

We work closely with the Youth Department of the Novosibirsk City Hall, with the Pedagogical University (the program "Education of the Heart" was approved at the Department of Social Pedagogy), with the Novosibirsk City Center for Children and Youth Creativity "Junior", we are part of the children's public organization DOO "Constellation - Leader ”, which includes 19 school and public children's organizations, and various children's clubs and other public and government organizations.

We are children from the age of 8 and adults, for whom Russia is a dear Fatherland, and we have to turn it into a blooming garden with our own hands. We plant flower beds, clean up the area near the club and in the park, sing songs about Russia, go to the children's reception center, strive to bring beauty and cleanliness to where we are, hold workshops for children. At these training camps we try to awaken the feeling of love for our Motherland. The themes of the training camp are in tune with our dreams - “Russia is a sweet land for the heart”, “Fabulously beautiful Rus'”, “Fatherland”, “Russia”, “Sun City”, “Starland”, etc. At these training camps we are talking about the Russia that will be in the future, we draw it the way we want to see it. Ideas born at the training camp find their embodiment in life. We pay a lot of attention to the training of counselors for children's holiday camps, and at playgrounds at clubs and schools in the summer.

Our activity is based on the desire to help children develop all the best human qualities that allow them to be worthy citizens of their Fatherland with an active social position.

It's a new century, a new millennium. Economic, political and social crises have seized our Russia. Today, more than ever, our Motherland needs love and care, a careful attitude towards it, and the protection of its shrines. It is necessary to educate a generation of people who love their people, who dedicate their lives to serving the Motherland, who strive to carry and affirm culture in all spheres of human existence.

Understanding the importance and influence of culture on human life, we strive to put it at the forefront in the life of our society and, above all, in the upbringing of the younger generation. Only by raising culture can we build a beautiful life. Our future is in our hands.

Today in our country there is very little literature that contributes to the education of the population in this direction, and therefore the books of Zinovia Dushkova are very relevant for today. The range of topics and issues covered in the books of Zinovia Dushkova is very wide, which makes it quite easy to find the necessary material in the field of activity we need. Moreover, on the same question in different books you can find answers that cover this topic from different angles and help to penetrate deeper into its essence. Possessing a certain harmony, melodiousness, amazing rhythm of the word, Zinovia Dushkova's books help the reader to feel the extraordinary charm and beauty of the Russian language, its versatility and coloring. Re-reading them allows you to discover new facets that were not previously seen, not felt, to see the versatility and multi-level nature of the topics presented. They inspire a person to create beauty in the world, teach him to overcome all evil with love, contribute to the education in a person of the desire to serve his homeland, strengthen her power, and glorify her with her deeds.

In our activities, we use various materials that contribute to the achievement of the chosen goal, however, it is the books of Zinovia Dushkova that fill us with new ideas, provide us with invaluable assistance in developing programs, preparing seminars, preparing classes, conducting performances, theater and musical productions, developing creative programs and holiday camps, in the development of holidays, festivals, radio programs. Books help to see the future of Russia, help to educate people with a strong spirit.

It is difficult to single out one or another book that has rendered the greatest help to us in solving the problems that confronted us in our work. Each book is valuable in its own way, and it has a special value if you refer to it at the right time. However, they are all united by one theme that permeates them all - this is the theme of love.

The Star of Sulamith and the Song of Songs tell us about the great divine love of Sulamith and Solomon. People must learn to love each other, and the testament of Jesus Christ has not lost its significance even now. In the books of Zinovia Dushkova, images of pure love are shown, you can get to know them, touch them, feel them, and everyone can become like them. The book “Treatise on Cosmic Love” gives the laws of love, according to which the entire Cosmos, the entire Universe lives, shows the path of Love, its steps. Everyone can ascend these steps by opening their heart. Our children, reading such literature, get acquainted with these great images, and they help them to show all the beauty of their souls to the world around them. From this, our world becomes more warm, it becomes more beautiful and more perfect.

The books "Epic", "Diamond Hearts of Love", "Overcoming", "Melodies of the Soul" can be studied by both adults and children. It shows the long-suffering path of Russia through her sons and daughters, who gave their lives, their work, their love for the sake of her flourishing. They show how complex and difficult the life of a person who affirms moral laws is, and at the same time beautiful in his purity of thoughts and love for the world around him; how much courage and heroism needs to be shown so that a trace remains in life and people can use this experience for centuries as an example of striving for perfection. The books show that every person has the opportunity to take part in making our life more beautiful every day, and this requires love, faith in victory and work. Books teach courage, heroism, show the strength of the human spirit in specific lives, help to remove all filth from our lives. There is a lot of material in books about heroes, about their qualities. Books help us understand that happiness and heroism are inseparable. Happiness comes to those who overcome some difficulties and difficulties in their lives, who, passing through trials, achieve victory. Such literature helps the younger generation learn to navigate in any issues that life puts before them, teaches perseverance, courage, and the ability to bring the work begun to the end.

The book "77 Pearls Shining on the Prayer of Time" enjoys special love. She teaches eternal truths, brings up high moral and patriotic qualities, helps to become a cultural citizen of the new Russia, develops an active civic position, humanism. This book is the most requested. The stories in it are given in the form of lessons, motives on various topics that teachers and counselors need to learn in order to carry them to children. The material is presented in a simple and accessible way in the form of short stories, but very capacious in content, and everyone can find in it those pearls of knowledge that will allow him to perceive his personal life experience. The materials of this book found their place in almost every creative program and in many workshops.

We recommend Ziyaovya Dushkova's books for the widest possible use in additional education. Her works are diverse, they can be recommended as:

  • literature for children and youth educating the high moral and patriotic qualities of a citizen of the new Russia - "Tales for the Messiah", "77 Pearls Shining on the Rosary of Time", "The Star of Sulamith", "Song of Songs";

  • fiction, which affirms state, national and humanistic values - "Epic", "Diamond Hearts of Love", "Overcoming", "Melodies of the Soul", "Star of Sulamith", "Song of Songs";

  • literature on culture and art, educating aesthetic taste and a sense of beauty - "Melodies of the Soul", "77 Pearls shining on the beads of Time", "Treatise on Cosmic Love";

  • public literature aimed at developing among citizens love for their homeland, respect for the culture of other nations, respect for the national history of Russia and its prominent figures, the formation of an active citizenship based on a new sense of justice, morality and the priority of family values - "Diamond Hearts of Love", "Epic ”,“ Overcoming ”,“ 77 Pearls shining on the beads of Time ”,“ Melodies of the Soul ”.

Today, books of this kind are in very short supply among our people. We need them to help build fabulously beautiful Rus'.

I would like to finish with the words of Zinovia Dushkova:

...Forever Rus' is invincible
And we are kept by the power of God.
There were black pages
In the history of the country, the capital.
But not faded in the soul of the people
The light of a spark of noble glory.
Let's reclaim our country
Long-suffering homeland...


Vice President
Kopylov V.M.

Ustyuzhanina G.G. Review of books by Z.V. Dushkova

Working in education, raising my grandson, I acutely felt the lack of knowledge that would help me work with the growing generation at different age levels: preschoolers, students, students. Using academic literature on psychology and pedagogy, unfortunately, I did not receive the necessary knowledge for work. How and what to oppose to our television and mass media? The lack of knowledge again and again made me look for the necessary literature. Among the variety of the book market, books by Z.V. Dushkova: "Diamond Hearts of Love", "Epic", "Overcoming", "77 Pearls Shining on the Rosary of Time", "Star of Shulamithia", "Treatise on Cosmic Love", "Melodies of the Soul", "Song of Songs". These books are difficult to separate by direction. Each of them is written in a simple, accessible language, understandable to all age categories. Each of them contains an idea of national and cultural values, of patriotism and respect for the history of Russia, of the upbringing of high morality, respect for the feminine, a sense of beauty, behavioral culture, religious tolerance and peacefulness.

From a new perspective, the question of love, which has always been facing the younger generation, is highlighted.

After getting acquainted with the books of Z.V. Dushkova, some inexplicable feeling of purity, light remains in the soul, the deficit of which is acutely felt today, and a natural desire arises to share this feeling. And now for the second year the book "77 Pearls Shining on the Beads of Time" is used by our teachers in the lessons (so far only) of literature.

I use the materials of all the above books both for extracurricular work (round table) and for resolving almost all emerging conflict situations. Surprisingly, they can find answers to all the questions posed.

It is these books that will help in the formation of a growing person. With full responsibility I can call these books methodological literature for work in educational institutions.


Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Economics

Ustyuzhanina G.G.

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