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Brotherhood. Supermundane Abode

printed book

in Russian (Not available)

The book «Brotherhood. Supermundane Abode» is given to mankind by the Great Teachers of Wisdom of the East in continuation of the book «Brotherhood. Supermundane», which was written by Elena Roerich in 1937-38. The new book «Supermundane Abode» is a spiritual bridge, carrying the reader from the Teaching of Living Ethics to the new century - to the Teaching of the Heart, written by Zinovia Dushkova. 

Two books «Brotherhood. Supermundane» and «Brotherhood. Supermundane Abode» together with the book of the third «Brotherhood. The Abode of Fire», which entered the Teaching of the Heart, is a whole trilogy.

«Brotherhood. Supermundane Abode» is the final chord to the Teaching bestowed upon Humanity in the passing century, and the Proclamation of the beginning of the New Cycle, which is already being poured upon Earth by the Fiery Stream.

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Part one
Part two
Part Three

That summer, my sister and I were resting at a dacha by the sea. The weather had not yet settled, and we spent most of our time reading. We read aloud Brotherhood. Elevated Abode" by Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova. We read every free minute, as soon as one of us could open a book.

From the first lines, the book aroused amazing confidence, it poured into our hearts like a pure stream. We often interrupted the reading with reflections. We rejoiced, we simply recognized ourselves on the pages of the book, our steps, our mistakes. But we were glad that we had already taken this wrong step, and we had already made this mistake, which means that they are already in the past and this part of the path has already been passed.

The book instilled in us an amazing optimism, filled us with a sense of inspiration.

We turned the pages, and some of them were our past, and most of the others determined our future.

A builder lived with us at the dacha, who completed the construction of the premises. We were in front of each other, as if in the palm of your hand. Later, he asked his sister's husband: "What religion do your women follow, what did they read and laugh all the time?" and the husband answered: “Once they rejoiced, it means the Religion of Joy.”

Tatyana Krivda
Kherson, Ukraine

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