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The Intimate Aloud

Электронная книга


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The book contains those thoughts  which one keeps alone inside oneself. A person turns into the depths of the self, trying in the depths of his soul to find answers to painful questions: Why is one alone, not loved, not understood? We nurture everything within ourselves — pain and despair, joy and enlightenment... An invitation to look into the holy of holies, and there, as in a mirror, to see the reflection of our own thoughts...


About the author
In my Small World
Servants of Love
Healing by Means of Eternity
Take Good Care of Love!
Dedicated to Men
Today I Still Resemble a Volcano
There Is No Doubt — The Best Day is Today
It Is Enough for You 
I Beg You
Today I Wrote a Nighttime Poem
The Indelible Facets of Ages Long Past
From Deep in the Cosmic Expanse
The Midday Sun of Life
Delayed Life Syndrome
To My Motherland
The Sunsets of Loneliness
The Soul was Thirsting To Be Free!
Like a Flower Finished Blooming
Thankfulness for the Ungrateful
Through Joy and Terror Lies the Path
Dedicated to a Friend
The Intimate Aloud
The Sun
Epistle to Myself

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