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The song of the Human Heart, ascending the stages of cognition of Life through pain, suffering and the triumph of the note of All–Wise Love, sounds in every line. The language of the soul is one, and the mystery of the loving heart is subject to the same Cosmic Laws.


Part I. Words of meditation


I see

Me friends

I hear the Sky

I know

Thoughts of the weather

Believe it is nice

It’s raining

What to write?

To dree


With a smile


Perhaps be night?





Thought about thought




My Teacher









Part II. Blank verse













About the book







Living fire

Open eyes










Part III. Song of the soul

I Am Sunrise



Learning to Fly

Fair Wind

The Big Tone


Alight Heart














God is Love




Gray hair

Binding thread

New Flight


Silent Voice

Part IV. Proverbs

What cannot be cured must be endured

The chain is no stronger, than its weakest link

History repeats itself

Never say never

While there is life, there is hope

Tastes differ

You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink

Better late, than never

Extremes meet

A tree is known by its fruit

An idle brain is the devil’s workshop

There is no place like home

False friends are worse, than open enemies

Many men, many minds no two minds think alike

Appearances are deceptive

All is well, that ends well

Second thoughts are best

No cross, no crown

Morning Sun never lasts the day

A man is known by the company he keeps

A man candie but once

Burden of one’s choice is not felt

Man proposes, God disposes

If you cannot have the best, make the best of what you have

It is the first step that counts

Fortune favours the brave

The end crowns the work

Live and learn

To lie on the bed one has made


Part V. Prayer for the Earth

Part I

  1. Outline. Preface

  2. Song of heroes

  3. Superman

  4. The last man

  5. Prayer for the Earth

  6. Prayer of the Chalice

Part II

  1. Nightly song

  2. The Last Supper

  3. Ave Maria

  4. The Virgin Odigitria

  5. The child is calling

  6. Epilogue. The sign.


Part VI. Mystery of Love

I. Prelude

II. Prayer

III. Season

  1. Autumn

  2. Winter

  3. Spring

  4. Summer

IV. Waiting

V. Dreams

VI. Conclusion

Part VII. To music is dedicated

I. Dedicated to music

  1. Johann Sebastian Bach

  2. Richard Wagner

  3. George Frederic Hendel

  4. Christoph Willibald Gluck

  5. Edward Grieg

  6. Franz List

  7. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  8. Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

  9. Aleksander Nikolaevich Scriabin

  10. Robert Schumann

  11. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

II. Conclusion

Part VIII. The Heavenly Pearls of Russia

I. The Day of Justification

II. Light of the Morning Star

III. Heroic realism

Part IX. Prophecy

I. John the Baptist

II. Jesus Christ

III. Holy Preaching

IV. Revelation

V. The prophecy

VI. Hallelujah!


Part X. Hymn to the Light

I. Imminent Light

II. Dawn

III. Morning

IV. Day

V. Noon

VI. Hymn to the Light




Believe it is nice


Believe I every time is nice,

But do not every day see best.

Where is this place, when can see I

The beautiful and clear sky?

I can wait for a lot of time,

When go and live on the earth mine.

I am meeting everywhere the day

With hope: now must be fair.

If there is life, must live it in hope,

And never lose I the bright dream and thoughts.

It helps me so much in my life,

I’m thankful, — they are very fine.

Believe I in you, clear dear sky,

I know, only you can my

Thoughts carry away from here, —

I need them, am happy and hope fully eager.

Sometimes you answer me at once

And promise life the best. The wings

Abandon me, — now is going the time,

A lot of troubles don’t let me find.

I must believe all the time,

Keep hope only in the sky, —

Sun shining giving fortune nice!






How many words are negative,

Are plural and infinitive.

But so few words mean fine,

And we can see their clear shine.

Establishment has everyone

But where is the first born? In the night

Were born dark words. And morning star

Is the mother of shining words. Too far

Were born they, but look about — and face

They live together. What is the case

Where are living they? — It is the man

Whose lingual slang is bad. They

Talking are so fell now.

Are often they forgetting how

Must speak. Somebody else does know

Lot of beautiful words. Make show

With letters and with words, but why?

Establishment must be all fine.

And every phrase will be so fine writing

And every sentence will be shining.

Who’ll have cleansed his and have forbidden

Himself to spell bad ones. So needful

Is to establish wonderful words for people.







Surprised every day in my life!

What a lot it has for me of surprise?

I am not tired ever, every thing

Represents unexpected. I wince! —

What prepares for future the time,

What has it to astonish the mind.

Prepared life has me for anything!

I’m hope, can get to win.

Let me be friendly with herself,

And don’t have the thoughts so sad:

Accommodation is here for everyone, —

They all want calmness all the time.

Someone is afraid to get a new problem, —

What is the life, if it has nothing.

The life is first of all, the best surprise,

And full of astonishing things.

Who wants to be living, must be ready

First thing to face problem with the mind so pretty.

Then maybe will smile the fortune

And happiness will come soon.

Surprise sometime is very good,

And has a lot of lovely fruit.

I’ll wait for surprise, with hope, look!




If you cannot have the best, make the best of what you have


1.   We always have to depend upon circumstances in life,

      And not always are they very fine.

      We hope to get something good, but it

      Slips away, and do suffer a sudden hit.

2.   Very difficult it is to hold on to the fine good luck

      But we must try, if do not want to be aside flung.

      Fine circumstances move in very slowly,

      They come very seldom, and often not in the garb holy.

3.   Of course, when gets from high up the strength someone,

      He gets the best possibility in life.

      Consideration of the problem is important for man,

      Because touch upon a question of his life it can.

4.   Man always wants to be ahead of the course of events,

      And look inside, how the heart is ticking minutes,

      To the long–awaited happiness. And all will be fine,

      If does function properly his life.

5.   It’s very well, when wishes of man coincide

      With the possibility, it’s the happy find.

      But often all is quite contrary to the expected,

      It is unfortunate, but must decide well for the happy end.

6.   In the dark place, where has left us the lucky light,

      We may, if we want, happily find.

      As after the campfire the sparks we see, —

      Flying around bright from the smouldering fire.

7.   If there is need of fire, we may light it up fine,

      And the flame again rising from the campfire alight.

      Also are people carrying many–many sparks,

      Covered by gray ashes, where is left the mark.

8.   This mark of sacred fire, which lives inside,

      It is sent from the realm Divine, when is born the child.

      It is very light to carry along the path of life,

      And people must hold it carefully inside.

9.   If the flame is suddenly gone and there is no light,

      We must in the ashes a little spark soon find.

      Enough is just a single spark, be it a tiny one,

      To light up the soul with beauty and shine.

10. The spark can light up even the death,

      It lives in the soul, till does live the faith.

      Therefore we must remember, what may us save,

      If can’t have the best, make best of what you have!





It is the first step that counts


1.   First step always is very difficult in life,

      We often see how it is taken by a small child.

      It stumbles and falls and then again

      Repeats the effort of the step to take.

2.   Same way in different spheres we always decide

      To take the step, which is first to come in the mind.

      And we sometimes cross over to the side,

      Where we never even thought to be in our short life.

3.   Before the first step is really taken,

      We do some analysing in the mind.

      Is very difficult in life, of course,

      In our thoughts to go across ourselves.

4.   If does want someone to choose the step fine,

      He must the better thoughts keep in mind,

      Then he cannot go over to the bad.

      Without a fight gain his choice he never can.

5.   Very long may be the fight inside,

      When are colliding the forces of darkness and light.

      And who will come to win, know not we,

      It may be the light, or the darkness may be.

6.   If victory is snatched by the darkness,

      And one is entangled in the cobweb,

      Very difficult it would be for us to get away,

      And find the lighted side in the thorny way.

7.   Darkness never lets us reach the clear space,

      Therefore we must know where to find the pure face.

      Along with one we go willingly in life,

      It is very difficult to cross over to the other side.

8.   At the time, when holy light is alive in the soul,

      We must hold well the fate and be thankful

      To that light which always saves us in life,

      Goodwill may guard us against the step in the dark night.

9.   Like a little child we go along the life path,

      And everyday face things unknown to us.

      And must take the step quite novel

      In the field invisible, entering afresh the soul.

10. If we take the first step within ourselves,

      Also in life we do so very fast in fact.

      But so as right to be, man must know his lot, —

      It is the first step that counts!





VI. Hymn to the Light


1.   Great fiery gold of the luminary

      Comes to the crown! And shine is now

      So charming, beautiful and fine,

      And worthy of all the best words to define.

2.   The high luminary had brought to light the God

      For all alive, who keep the thoughts

      Of the Lightful and the future day!

      For the souls, the hearts, it shows the way!

3.   My dear Fire! — Beauty your

      Is wonderful, magical hot,

      It is marvelous and can

      Light up the human heart and the soul.

4.   Light is very beautiful and does shine,

      It is covering all things in life.

      So that it is everywhere seen,

      How the good gift our Earth does keep.

5.   All gifts are from the Light it does

      For our happiness send to us.

      The human feelings have need of the Light,

      Because it brings for the people life,

6.   Because the Light shows the Path

      For the people, to come to the stars.

      O Fiery, Divine Lightful sphere,

      You sent for us too much from there

7.   Good pearls for the eager mind!

      Your Divine Mysterious Light

      Always is coming down to the Earth,

      And calls all people to the starry place.

8.   The Light! The Light is coming everywhere

      And sends its messengers where

      Is waiting the Fire in the place,

      Then always is a cause to celebrate.

9.   Then, where is waiting in the clothes white

      The God’s luminary with bright,

      Magical power on the Earth,

      There is now the feast very great.

10. When comes the holiday in life,

      All living celebrate it in a manner nice.

      And all glorify the Almighty God,

      Who sent for people the happy lot!

11. Great God, Your Love is everywhere!

      The thankful to You fly from here.

      For You the Light had composed hymn

      Your Earthly children! Came to win

12. Long–long ago the Divine Light

      To our planet little! To fight

      It was coming to the Earth, was sent

      By the Gods of the Fiery World, gave

13. They the sacred gift to the earthly people,

      So that they have the rescue needed.

      This flame had saved the little planet.

      Had won for itself the triumph fiery,

14. The High Divine Light down here

      In all the gloomy vales of life.

      The praise human do take from our hearts,

      Dear Fire! Now as guards

15. Are standing the people and saving the Light,

      So that is the planet Holy, bright,

      Good happy shining, they very much want,

      For ever to be preserved the Sunny shine by God.

16. All the people together side by side

      Sing the song of praise for the Light!

      Are glorifying Heavens of God,

      For sending to the man high human best thought.

17. Light is the Holy Savior our,

      It is the Great Master around

      Who is adorning all on the Earth.

      The Light is our God’s face,

18. Holy image, who sets an example

      For all people to come to the Fire.

      The Light is the donor of happy life,

      The grantor of the Holy Love!

19. It is absorbed by the loving feeling

      For all things on the Earth, around is seen,

      How much is Loving the Sun all the nature!

      And can be seen its shine in the distant future.

20. How long are waiting the people for the shine

      Of Sunny rays! In the open mind

      They took the best idea, — Saint, —

      Must all people be turned to the Light!

21. Bright Light is sacred mystery,

      It is awaking better feeling

      In the hearts of people! And inside,

      They are feeling Love of very many kinds!

22. It is love for the children fine.

      It is for dear man, or love

      For the floret some, or the grass,

      Or the snow white, or the cloud light.

23. We can’t innumerate them all,

      The love is like the soul’s warmth!

      We only can feel around the point plus

      How much all Nature does love us.

24. How the flower is giving aroma,

      How the tender wind is caressing man,

      How the little cloud sends its love,

      And puts bright hope how into the heart.

25. You see, how even the silent stone

      Is full of love, has absorbed all

      Great Love on Earth, and Holy Joy

      Is living everywhere. Heat

26. Of the Sun is coming down for people

      To melt the last ice in the feeling,

      So that they get warm kindness inside,

      And celebrate the joy brought by the Light.

27. O dear spheres of the High Most,

      You came and did win, conquered the frost.

      And now are showing your power

      For all alive to see in the Space! The sound

28. Of your victory is resounding always

      In the human hearts! Immense Space

      For Light composed the triumphal hymn,

      It is praising the Light! We live amid

29. All the Cosmic rays of the boundless worlds.

      The people carry the banner among the rays,

      Which come from all the planets here.

      Hold fast the Banner of Light. Let’s keep streaming

30. This symbol of good peace and Love

      Among mysterious, innocent Cosmic heights!

      Let live! Forever keep in mind,

      Only the Fire brings for people the Light!

31. We all together are feeling joy.

      The Sunny rays are creating all

      The best qualities in the human heart,

      And lets flow the shine from within outside.

32. We all are children of the immense space.

      We are the sisters, the brothers on the little Earth.

      And can together build the best life

      By the higher help of the Divine Light.

33. We are the children of one Father,

      And we have one common Mother.

      We all have the Divine hearts inside,

      Which can radiate always the Light!

34. My dear friends in boundless space,

      The kind people send for you the best rays

      From the tender souls, — take them in,

      Earthly inhabitants are eager to build

35. Bright Brotherhood in the Cosmic free home.

      So as to live all together, as if there is only one soul,

      It is like one large great Golden Heart,

      Which is beating in God’s inside!

36. Rise, higher hymn from the earth to the sky,

      And call all living to the best new life!

      My dear Light, my Divine Luminary,

      Thank you for your charming Fire.

37. Thank you for tender warmth and love

      Your great and beautiful, for the heat

      Of the Golden Heart your. Praise and glory

      For your Divine patience Holy...

38. All best silent words from the heart,

      Take the Golden Fire in your stride.

      The earthly low kneeling from the man,

      Take you the starry Space–world. The people can

39. Be worthy of the Higher Light,

      At long last they have opened the mind

      To the call of Cosmic space. The man

      Wants be like the God, — the Creator Great.

40. As the thunder is resounding in space

      The people are awaking and building the Earth.

      In accordance with the God’s Law — the Love Holy,

      Soon will be Noon of the triumphant Light!

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